All Of My Heart - Original Lyrics

The initial lyrics, above, were written beginning on 12/29/97, as the date in the upper right corner indicates.
The second verse, above, was later written, on 12/30/97.
Above, you can see the initial matching of lyrics to a notation printout of the original MIDI sequence sent to me by Elton. Note at the top it says "midi32". Elton sends me melodies that have no lyrics yet with a numeric identifier, so in this case, it was "MIDI number 32". The original melody was in the key of C, later lowered to the key of A to make the vocal range a bit easier. In the first 2 measures, the original MIDI's usually have 2 blank measures, so I indicated their omission for final scoring. Where you see large double-slashes, I marked out sections of the original melody, to visualize each section as I looked at the score waiting for the inspiration of words. It is not uncommon, after listening to the MIDI on a computer a few times, for me to print out the melody track, and use that as the starting point for writing the lyrics. Sometimes, the original lyrics are written directly on the rough score. In the case of this song, however, I wrote the original lyrics on a separate piece of paper and then transferred them onto the rough score.

This song had a particularly fast completion time. It was published one day later, on New Year's Eve -- December 31, 1997.

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