The Ballad of The Cross - Original Lyrics

"The Ballad of The Cross" began with MIDI number 26 from Elton, and his outline of an idea for the lyrics, as seen in the above email excerpt from December 4, 1997. This was one of our earliest songs, with our first collaboration published on the web only about 2 months earlier.
Above is page 2 of the same email. After printing the email message, I wrote down the line "On the road that led to Calvary..." which did not become part of the lyrics, but was an initial thought. I then wrote down a verse that later became verse 3.
That evening, on another piece of paper, I wrote two more verses and a bridge, as seen above...
...and then I copied over the now-3rd verse from the email, and followed it with a 2nd bridge (which is actually the concluding section of the song).

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