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Hello Warriors! Tab and I are SO SORRY that we will not be able to attend the reunion. We send our best to all and hope to see "a whole lot of ya" at Christmas! Have a wonderful time!

Tab and Marti Tate Choate (1976)
rmartinchoate at knology dot net
Huntsville AL - October 10, 2008

Unfortunately I am not going to be able to make it this weekend. I would have loved to seen everyone and played "catch - up". Will there be a photographer there?? Will someone post some pictures?

Hey Chris... in your post about some people getting together to do Volunteer work... Have you thought of Volunteering at The Ronald McDonald House? (grin) You guys can take a road trip up here to Kansas City. I would love to have you volunteer here at my House! If KC is too far... then the one in Memphis would be an excellent place to go (I use to be a weekend Manager there) I hope you all have a great time this weekend!!!

Debbie Jones (1977)
Sunflower dot daze at hotmail dot com
Kansas City MO - October 10, 2008

Well, it is the night before the tour, and looking at everyone just brings a smile to my face. Looking forward to the weekend.

Tyrina Browning (1978)
tcbrowning at comcast dot net
Memphis - October 09, 2008

It has been such fun looking at pictures and reading the guestbook. Everyone looks great.I'll be celebrating my wedding anniversary this weekend but I did want to say a big hello to some special friends and send a picture of three of the greatest guys in the world. Jack and I will be married 27 years on October 17. Ryan is 23 and a student at Ole Miss and Drew is 21 and a student at Mississippi State. I'm very blessed. I'm the one in pink in case no one recognizes me. Ihope everyone has a great weekend!

Debbie Swanzy Joslin (1976)
jjoslin at netscape dot com
Horn Lake MS - October 08, 2008

I can't believe no one can find my high school photo. Maybe I was more anti-social than I thought and never had one taken. I'm emailing one to Larry to post here, just in case y'all don't remember. See you Saturday night!

Dottie jones (1976)
dottiedj at bellsouth dot net
Memphis - October 08, 2008

As the ad says, "Life comes at 'ya fast." I'm sitting in my home office this beautiful Florida morning listening to Classic Rock from the 70's (only the best !) and this CENTRAL 1976-1978 REUNION ALERT e-mail pops up. What a 'trip' down memory lane, though I have to admit, I've taken several wrong turns down that lane as my memory is pretty foggy. Graduated Central '78, did the U. Memphis route, joined Campus Crusade staff in '84 in SoCal where I met my wife of 23 yrs. Angela. Live in Orlando last 10 years after stints in the Northeast, Kansas, China. Currently consult for Bluesky Strategic Partners and my wife is a tennis pro. We have four beautiful children, Bennett (17), Victoria (15), Meredith (13) and Karenna (11). It is heart-warming to see such a wonderful effort you all have made to pull this site together -- I read through many posts and seeing the familiar names was so rewarding and made me wish for a chance to go back to '78 (maybe for a day?). Wish I could attend but am committed to visit colleges with my senior son! God Bless you good Warriors.

David Robinson (1978)
DChina at aol dot com
Maitland FL - October 06, 2008

It was great to hear that we were actually having a reunion! I got the news from Laura Rowe Greer months ago and I'm just getting around to thinking about 1976. Leigh and Laura Rowe and Rachel Scott have been so supportive of me during the past few years -- I appreciate their friendship and I'm looking forward to the reunion. Believe it or not -- Facebook has connected me with several of our classmates and has kept me updated on what's going on in their lives. A few pictures of family and friends. My daughter, Holly is almost 23 and my son, Andrew is 21! My mother just reached 88!! Holly is getting married Oct. 25, 2008. She is a graphic artist and Andrew is a Junior at U of M, studying to be a CPA. See ya at the reunion.

Jeannie Russell Craig (1976)
jlrmwindsor58 at gmail dot com
October 05, 2008

Looking forward to seeing the group.

Cecil D. Booker (1976)
sgtbooker at msn dot com
Memphis - October 03, 2008

Wow. This is great to see all the names and faces in the guest book. I am now living in Alpharetta, GA (Atlanta). I have been married to Carol for 24 years. I have two daughters Christa (19 yrs) and Cara (17 yrs). I will try and come to the reunion.

John Bailey (1977)
jbailey at namb dot net
Alpharetta GA - October 02, 2008

Just wondering if we could get a group of Central Warriors to join forces and every now and then do some volunteer work together? I have been doing electrical work for these guys. Check out link:

15 days and counting!

Chris McGoldrick (1977)
gmcgldrc at memphis dot edu
Memphis - Sept 27, 2008

Hi everyone! I am looking forward to seeing all of you! Thank you to all the the one's that worked so hard putting this together and to Bonz for keeping me posted. I was married for 21 years and now a single mom of 4 great kid's...Colin, 28 - Ashley, 25 - Victoria, 18 - and Alexx, 17. I really can't call them kid's anymore, I only have one left at home and she will be off to college next year as well. My parenting days have been spent in a gym or softball field for many years watching my children play sports. My oldest blessed me with a beautiful grandson that just turned 1 year old! He's the most important man in my life as of now, lol! I am located just down the road in Southaven selling real estate. I am so excited, see you all soon!

Cyndi (Williamson) Havens (1978)
cyndihavens1 at hotmail dot com
Southaven MS - September 25, 2008

Hello warriors!! As we count the days down to our celebration, let's see how many people we can get to register and attend the reunion festivities. Anybody know the whereabouts of any of our beloved faculty or staff? We plan to give them complimentary tickets if we can locate them. I contacted Sgt Barrett and Coach Adams. They are both coming. If you know of any others, please give me contact information so I can arrange for their tickets.

Paul Gentry (1977)
paul_gentry at comcast dot nt
September 21, 2008

Larry, Paul, Bonzo, Chris, and Joe at upcoming reunion venue
Paul Gentry, our esteemed liason with the CHS administration, says we can get discounted tickets for the homecoming game on Friday October 10. We can buy discounted game tickets ($5.00 each) when we show up at the school tour on Friday at 6:00 prior to the game. The school can sell the discounted tickets anytime as long as they are sold in the building prior to the game, and Central keeps 100% of the funds! For anyone not able to attend the homecoming game, there will still be another tour inside our high school during the lunch at CHS on Saturday October 11. Hey, keep spreading the word! Just 3 weeks away; still time to register and tell others who may still not know!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
September 20, 2008

It would be nice to see everyone again after all these years.

Kent Butler (1978)
itaintbut1flava at aol dot com
Woodbridge VA - September 18, 2008

I have not lived in Memphis since graduating from Central.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!!!

LaWanda Smith Long (1978)
lawandalong at comcast dot net
Tyrone GA - September 15, 2008

Well I hate it, but I won't be attending either. We're moving my parents back to Memphis, due to their ages and health. They've been living at Pickwick Lake for over the last 20 years. Needless to say there is lots of work to do. But I'm so excited to have them back close. I will miss seeing many of you. But I too am just an email away. For those attending, I hope you have a blast!!!!

Dianne Abel (1976)
dhabel at fedex dot com
Atoka - September 08, 2008

I'm sorry I won't be able to attend the reunion. However, I would love to hear from some of my classmates. I got a great e-mail from Susan (Redders) Ogle. I would love to hear from you guys.

Rusty Turner (1977)
RustyTurner2 at aol dot com
Jacksonville FL - September 08, 2008

So excited to read everyone's comments. I plan to attend the reunion. So much has happened over the last 30 years. After Central I attended Southwestern (now Rhodes), then left there and moved to St. Louis Missouri where I recieved my MBA from Washington University. I met my husband of 19 years there. We moved to Maryland in the late 80's, and now have three wonderful daughters (ages 6, 14, and 16). I worked in sales for IBM and Coca-Cola and now I am a pharmaceutical rep for Johnson and Johnson. Can't wait to see everyone! Please send me an email to say hello.

Heidi (Hayslett) Carroll (1978)
Heidilhc at aol dot com
Elkridge MD - September 06, 2008

Just had a nice 3 days in Memphis, dodging Gustav. We're back home now and planning for our return trip in October -- if Ike doesn't push us north again.

Tracy (Skinner) Williams (1978)
tracy_jane_sc at yahoo dot com
Biloxi MS - September 03, 2008

Can't believe I have finally been found!!! I've been "lost" or "unknown" all this time! I'm back in the Memphis area now. I moved back Sept'07 to be closer to my folks and their health issues. (They moved to Collierville 3 yrs ago but still haven't sold their house on Belvedere -- so for those of you who remember that wonderful, huge & entertaining house and are interested or know of anyone-please check it out and/or pass it on.) My life??? Well let me say it's been full of ups and downs. I just remarried Aug. 2nd to John here in Collierville & closing on our new home hopefully in a few weeks. I have 2 girls from my first marriage, Kelly 27 & Kristy 23 both married & Kelly is due any day now with my 2nd grandson. John has 2 girls, Joanna 26, Paige 22 & 1 granddaughter. So now I am a product of a his, mine & ours (the dog!). We both work for the Wal-mart Corp -- him on the Walmart side and me on the Sam's Club side - both in management positions. He travels for the Home Office and I'm at the Winchester Store (overnight shift). (Thought I'd say that in case anyone tried to find me there -- I leave between 7-8 AM.) I just went through a medical emergency with Kristy (open-heart surgery) in April so as you can tell the last 6 months have been full of the "ups & downs" -- so needless to say the class reunion is really needed and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone & going over old times. Would love to hear from all of you so email me & we'll catch up.

Pam (Sutton) Hughes (1976)
pamsutton_lay at yahoo dot com
Collierville - August 30, 2008

Hello fellow Warriors. 27 years with the Memphis Police Department has caused me to lose some hair and gain some pounds, but I'm a blessed fellow. My wife Patsy and I have been married 28 years. We have a son, Wilson, who is a Bartlett TN Police officer and our beautiful daughter Cassie, will graduate from UT in DEC with a Spanish degree. I look forward to seeing you all in OCT.

Jerry Bierbrodt (1976)
jwbierbrodt at aol dot com
Memphis - August 27, 2008

OMG I feel like i am looking in to a time warp!!! i have never been to a reunion nor have i ever had the desire.. that is until now. kudos to whoever put this together. i guess i was so shy in high school i remember all these faces from the past but cant always put at name to each face. it should be interesting to participate. i cant believe it's been thirty years. i feel like i'm just now starting to live the life i have always dreamed of.

Ann Mosiej McFall (1977)
annieonthegogo at aol dot com
Mason TN - August 24, 2008

In the words of everyone else, "Wow!" and "Thanks." My son, recent graduate of Berklee College of Music and 24 years old, found your website while probably digging up dirt on me (and look what he found). I have been living in the Boston area for the past 9 years and in New England for a goodly portion of the past 32. Having spent only 2 very rigorous years at Central, and not looking at all like my yearbook picture, I am planning on attending even if only vaguely remembered. ... till we meet again.

LaMargera Rivers (1976)
lamargera_ethics at yahoo dot com
Boston MA - August 19, 2008

Hey Warriors, keep spreadin' the word about the reunion. I have a new email for myself and a new website for my radio show.
Radio show, Sun. 6-9pm cst: (no www needed)

Here is a new pic. (a chicken I smoked and morphed into a monkey ... very difficult and dangerous ... do not try this!)

Phillip "Bonzo" Webster (1977)
pwpwebster at gmail dot com
Mempho - August 15, 2008

So glad to read about everyone. I have been in Calif. for the past 4 years but back in mem for now. Adam is 27, WOW. Nell Hindman Harris and I talk a lot and she sent me the info...tks. And thanks to guys for getting this going, I am impressed! I worked on our 10th and it's a lot to do, of course we didn't have the net then like we do now!! Love to all and see u soon. cin

Cynthia Shellabarger Brashier (1978)
bigscoopbrashier at hotmail dot com
Memhpis - August 14, 2008

Looking forward to the reunion, trying to fix the schedule.

Anders Engstrom (1978)
anders dot engstrom at telia dot com
Knivsta, Sweden - August 12, 2008

I am looking forward to the reunion. I would love to see my former classmates.

Zelma Clemmons (1977)
Memphis TN - August 09, 2008

This is really something. I have gone through the website looking at pictures and reading comments - I am getting pretty excited about the reunion. Everyone looks great! I have never left Memphis, and in fact have never left midtown. I still shop at Seessel's! I know it is called Schnuck's now, but the building and even some of the same employees are the same as when I was 10 year old! Pathetic or comforting - you decide! :) I graduated from Rhodes with Mad Watson Edwards, Heidi Hayslett, and Nell Hindman, and in fact now live right across the street from Mad! I did a couple of years of law school, worked as a paralegal, switched professions to become a social worker, did that for about 15 years, and am now the manager of St. Peter Manor - also in midtown - which is a Section 8 high rise for the elderly and disabled. Alas, I never married, but came close once, and I live with my sister Kaki (class of 79) and two dogs, who are like my kids! I really look forward to catching up with everyone. Thanks to Laura Morris, Beth Tribble, and Madeleine Watson for bringing this to my attention! Great job getting it organized and getting the word out!

Mary Dowling (1978) mkdowling14 at msn dot com
Memphis TN - August 04, 2008

My sister Murfy, me, my husband Tom, and my kids Lindy and Ray
oh. ma. gah. Who ARE you people and why do you look vaguely familiar? Ah, now the fog is starting to clear and I can remember a few of you from a long distant past. I can see High School Henry blowing his horn in my face...Mrs. Long doing her Old English recitation of Beowulf...Mrs. Eddington in her sleeveless blouse distractedly playing with the fat on her upper arms... the art teacher reading her newspaper as students make pot pipes in clay and ceramics... and the unforgettable double threat of Juana and Tjuana Boyland running circles around everyone on the basketball court. Those were the days, eh? Yep, I'm from the class of '78 and I was in extreme denial about my age until you people barged into my daydream of a life and reminded me how old I really am. Unlike most of you, my hair has not improved one whit since my senior picture. (I just added some gray to it.) I'm a survivor of 9 years at Snowden, 3 at Central and 4 at Rhodes and now reside right in the middle of the old 'hood pretending like it never ended. Married for 23, parent of 2 knuckleheads, one in the thick of where we were then at 16, and one about to start the whole educational odyssey at age 4. Did the whole work thing at the Commercial Appeal for about 20 years, but now I'm doing the mom thing instead and like it a whole lot better. Well, now that you've got me reminiscing, keep those updates coming and maybe I'll get to catch up with some a yas in October. Thanks to the masterminds behind all of this. GO WARRIORS!

Madeleine (Watson) Edwards (1978)
rballmad at comcast dot net
Memphis - August 01, 2008

Just a quick update. I am really looking forward to the reunion. I think it will be great to see everyone again. I currently live in Upstate New York and work as a Network Manager for a managed eyecare provider. Yes, I am a geek! Just couldn't resist posting one of my favorite pictures. See everyone in October.

Dale McKay (1976)
dmckay2 at nycap dot rr dot com
Watervliet NY - July 30, 2008

Thought I'd update a little bit! My "boys" are now 20 and 16!!! They will both be juniors this year! Will is not playing football anymore...don't think he liked the business side of football you see in college! Andrew is driving his grandad's blazer and I guess we'll see him when school starts! I work at 'Curves' in Germantown part time and design and sell jewelry I make out of vintage jewelry pieces. Larry is part owner of Precision Surgical,Inc. and is busy selling instruments for surgery thruout the midsouth. I'd love to see more people from the class of 1978! Where are they?!

Laura "Morris" Truitt (1978)
laura29 at bellsouth dot net
Germantown - July 09, 2008

Wow, I have been hoping for this for years! I am so excited that we are actually having a reunion, I can hardly wait! I definitely plan to attend just to see all of you. I am living in Florida and have been for the past 20 years. Married with 2 children and 2 grand children. I am a registered nurse and currently working as a Nurse manager of 2 units in St. Vincent Hospital. I love spending time with my family and friends. Our daughter and her husband have 2 children ,and like a grandmother I spoil them ROTTEN!! Our son who is 17 will be a senior and hopefully a graduate of the class of 2009. Where has the time gone? BUT, ABSOLUTELY no complaints from me, I am blessed and I know it! Hope to see all of you in October.

Vanessa (Townsend) Richmond (1977)
nana622 at comcast dot net
Jacksonville Fl - July 09, 2008

The boys on the outside are both mine. The other is a good friend. We are on the Tennessee River at Saltillo, Tennessee. Looks like the wild bunch!

Chris McGoldrick (1977)
gmcgldrc at memphis dot edu
Memphis - July 7, 2008

Hey Everyone, Glad to see many of you, if only in notes on the guestbook. I've been eveywhere it seems in the past 30 plus yrs (thank you Melinda for pointing out that we're 50 now) and am really looking fwd to see everyone again. And Larry, super job putting this togeher let me know if I can help.

Dan Ffitzgerald (1976)
dan dot b dot fitzgerald at state dot tn dot us
Millington - July 01, 2008

Random clicks brought me to this site. Brought back some good memories. I am currently living and working in Knoxville as a RN at a Women's Hospital. My 3 children and 2 grandchildren all live close. I plan to let my sister Diane (Linda) know ASAP. She is living in Middle TN and working in the medical field also. We will try to plan for reunion in October.

Lee Phillipy (Young) & Linda Diane Phillipy (1976)
59lorilee at comcast dot net
Knoxville - June 23, 2008

Hello all, It is hard to believe it has been 30 years!!! I am living in southern Minnesoa now, working for the phone company. I am living on a 5 acre hobby farm with lots for creatures running around. It will be great to see everyone again. I will do my best to to attend our reunion this fall.

Sara Smith (1978)
suddnsam at kmtel dot com
Hayfield MN - June 15, 2008

I am so very glad to be a part of Class I have viewed the photographs and stories of all the Class Mates and I was so overwhelmed with all the good memories that I have of my 3 years at Central High School from 1974-1977. I am still a Memphis resident, I attended Shelby State Community College and recieved and graduated from Family Services Certificate Program. I also attended Univ. of Memphis back in 1981 and in 2004 went back to school at Belhaven College in Memphis to obtain my Bachelor's Degree in Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, then entered MBA Program. I am an aspiring Entrepreneur of my own small business-Jackson Private Enterprises and currently work in the Customer Service Field. I am a very active church member of Hill Chapel Missionary Church in Memphis. Again, I salute our Warriors and cannot wait for the reunion

Catherine L. Jackson (1977) cljackson38122 at yahoo dot com
Memphis - June 12, 2008

I probably will not be able to attend the reunion. My brother Mark, deploys to Afghanistan in late Sept. and I will have to travel from Tenn to Springfield Illinois at that time. I do not think I will be able to make another trip so soon to Memphis. SORRY!!!!

Michele Whitlock (1978) shellock3 at juno dot com
McMinnville - June 12, 2008

I am so excited about the reunion, I plan to be there. I have not been back to Memphis since high school. I can't wait to see everyone again, I enjoyed reading all the entry's in the guestbook. I've been married for 22 years and have two children, Samantha 19, and Christopher 18.

LeeAnn Thomas Politis (1977) leeannpolitis at yahoo dot com
Holden Beach, NC - May 24, 2008

Hello, Warriors! It is good to see everyone and know that we are still going strong... I never left Memphis. I have been working for Orgill going on 17 years and I recently decided to go back to school. WOW... Count me in...

Spring Hastings Morgan (1978) scmor5268 at yahoo dot com
Memphis - May 24, 2008

Greetings CHS Class of 1977! I am a retired Air Force veteran, currently residing in Bellevue, Nebraska (outside of Omaha). Since high school I have resided in Oklahoma, Texas, and the United Kingdom. I taught at a local university for seven years, and have worked as a corporate leadership & staff trainer. In the fall of '08, my daughter will be a senior at Rhodes College in Memphis. Her college choice has allowed her to get to know Memphis relatives she had not visited due to our former military lifestyle. Her Memphis experiences have allowed me to come full circle:-). I look forward to combining the '08 Parents Weekend at Rhodes with our upcoming CHS reunion. It'll be fun catching up with everyone who can make it. Go-o-o warriors!

Rita J. (Hall) James (1977) jamesrita at cox dot net
Bellevue NE - May 20, 2008

I have no idea how I navigated to this site. I'm just glad I cut my hair! I went to the 10 year reunion that Valerie Pang and others organized. One of my memories of CHS was sitting next to Debbie Gill in Mrs Long's English class. She ate a Twinkie everyday! Debbie, not Mrs. Long.

Van Hairston (1978) vhair6671 at yahoo dot com
Olive Branch MS - May 15, 2008

I was so excited to see all the familiar faces again. I heard word of the re-union via phone. I didn't know if there would ever be a re-union! I married in 1980 to Bob Cooley (U. S. Army Retired) and moved to North Carolina and beyond. If there was a re-union before this I never got word of it. Bob and I have three children; Rob 27, Jessica 18, and Marie is 16. We are retired and living in Atoka just north of Millington. I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

Betty Martindale Cooley (1977) betbobcool at aol dot com
Atoka - May 12, 2008

Check out the shirt! Who can tell where I was? It was 10 years ago.

Chris McGoldrick (1977) gmcgldrc at memphis dot edu
Memphis - May 9, 2008

Hi everyone. Sometimes I regret that I graduated a year early instead of going through my senior year, but at that time I had different plans. I am married to my wife, Laurie, of 12 years, and we have two great kids, Drew who is 9 and Alyssa who is 6. I retired from the Memphis Police Department in 1998 while working on the TACT Unit my last ten years. Currently, I am a general contractor and I own Biltmore Builders, which I mainly build homes in the east Shelby County area. We plan to be at the reunion and I'll be checking on any updates. See you soon.

Fred Cohn (1976) Biltmore1 at bellsouth dot net
Eads - April 29, 2008

This is great. I'm interested. Would love to see everyone again. Keep me posted.

Sheila Coleman (Shelton) (1978) ssheila757 at yahoo dot com or Sheila.Shelton at
Memphis - April 24, 2008

I always say class of '78 was great. I am still in Memphis, in the same neighborhood and I have been a special education teacher with Memphis City Schools for 25 years. I am definitely counting down the last 5 for retirement. I am slso a Mary Kay consultant and a Avon representative. I am looking forward to this 30 year reunion.

Ruth Shrader (1978) ruthbshrader1 at yahoo dot com
Memphis - April 24, 2008

Hi everyone! I just had a wild thought tonight to google our class, and look what I found! I've emailed my twin, Karen (class of '76 also), and younger sister, Elizabeth (class of '78) about this site. Thanks Larry! I've lived in Louisville, KY for 19 years, and been married to my husband, Scott, for 17. He is an architect for the US Army Corps of Engineers. I am a District Sales Coordinator for Aflac -- yes, the duck! We will definitely put the reunion on the calendar. See you all then!

Marion (Goode) Carrithers (1976) mcarrithers at bellsouth dot net
Louisville KY - April 15, 2008

Hi everyone. I too would be very interested in attending the class reunion. I've spent the past 22 years working in U.S. Customs brokerage and reside in a very small town outside of Nashville named Mt. Juliet. Please keep me posted as the plans progress.

Gregory E. Harris (1978) gregemil at comcast dot net
Mt. Juliet - April 11, 2008

It is certainly a blessing to be alive and well during this climactic era. I have spent the last ten years teaching English as a Second Language as well as General Ed within the Memphis and Shelby County Schools. Additionally, I sponsor/coordinate/mentor a Youth Community Outreach Group (CLASSY) founded by my daughter. Presently, I am working on publishing some books. I would love to be a part of a 30th class reunion.

Elizabeth Gigger (1978) gigerelizabeth0 at
Memphis - April 11, 2008

Greetings! This website is more interesting than high school itself for the most part with the three classes and all the news... I have been back in Memphis for several years now with two kids in the White Station Optional program. I work for Executive Speakers Bureau in G'town booking keynote speakers, etc. for clients all over the country. Plan to be married in fall to Bill Davis (from DC area) and we love living in Harbortown. Pictured are me, Kathleen & Harry with the river obscured by the big March snow this year.

Edith (Spivey) McCurdy (1978) Edithemc2 at aol dot com
Memphis - April 09, 2008

Hello classmates!! I'm still with the Memphis Fire Dept. and have been for 29 years. I have been with my wife Angela for 20 years and we have three beautiful children, Mitch 20, Matt 14 and McKinsey 12. We also have a little grandson, Chase, who is 2. Needless to say, we stay very busy. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Larry Harmon (1976) lhharmon at hotmail dot com
Bartlett - April 07, 2008

The family just returned from a trip to Italy so I finally made time to add a blurb. I've been married to a wonderful guy for 22 years. We have two children-Lauren (21) who is a junior at Lambuth University in Jackson, majoring in elementary education and a son, Michael who is a sophomore at Millsaps College in Jackson, MS majoring in biology (pre-med major with hopes of being a medical missionary one day). My husband is an algebra I and algebra II teacher at Bartlett High School (his alma mater) and I am a first grade teacher at Rivercrest Elementary in Bartlett. We love traveling--national parks are our favorite!!! It's good to read what everyone has been up to over the past years.

The Price Family: Lauren, Michael, Kathy, Carl

Kathy Drake Price (1976) cpricetn at earthlink dot net
Bartlett - April 04, 2008

I haven't seen anyone since graduation but I hope everyone is as happy as me. I am in love with the man of my dreams (a Kingsbury guy) and am enjoying my life with my kids and my guy. I will be there 4 sure. Jean

Gloria "Jean" [Simpson] Birkholz (1978) GJBirk1961 at hotmail dot com
Bartlett - April 01, 2008

Hello everybody,
Sure has been a long time. I just happened upon this site and I was so glad to see it. I'm hoping to be able to come to the reunion. It will be great to see everyone again. I live in Bartlett. My husband is Billy and my son is Buddy. He is 17 and will be graduating from Arlington High School on May 20th. We have an Automotive Repair Shop at White Station and Summer, in Memphis, called Holley's Automotive, so if your car gives you problems bring it to us. I have to step daughters Connie and April and five step Grandchildren. Enough about me, hope to see you all soon.

Peggie Murphree Holley (1976) pmh929 at bellsouth dot net
Bartlett - April 01, 2008

Thanks to Rey Gonzalez for emailing me about the reunion. I have lived in McMinnville for 2 years. I am a Pre-K teacher at West Elementary. My principal is Marsha Newman. She taught with my mom at Egypt Elementary in Memphis. My family still lives in Illinois.

Michele L. Whitlock (1978) shellock3 at juno dot com
McMinnville - March 31, 2008

You can not imagine how happy I was to get Larry Holder's e-mail. I am very excited about seeing you all at the reunion. Some of my fondest memories in life are with the class of 1977 at Central High School! I hope life has treated you well through the years and God blessed each and everyone of you and your respective families. You are all very special friends and hopefully we will be getting caught up shortly! Love, Tasia

Tasia Theoharatos Katapodis (1977) tkhk at mindspring dot com
Atlanta GA - March 31, 2008

It is exciting to see all this coming along....I'll contribute more later.

Henry Govan (1977) Henry at GovanExpressions dot com
Gallatin - March 25, 2008

Late Bloomer, yeah. Just changed a pooper, got another digestive tract due in June. I'll send a picture.

Whoa, flashback.

Hello all!

Scoop Carlile (1976) scoopc at mindspring dot com
Houston TX - March 25, 2008

Hey Dudes! I just happened on this website sort of by accident. My wife Julia and I live outside of Baltimore and I work in Washington at the Dept. of Justice as a lawyer in the Tax Division (pay up!). Two kids: Emily (17) and Chris (13). I may be able to come to the reunion, so please don't be insulted if I don't recognize you! Oh, and I'm still running for student council, and have still not been voted on. Life's just not fair. How do you put a picture in this entry? Maybe my kids could show me...

Randy Hutter (1976) randolphhutter at verizon dot net
Catonsville MD - March 19, 2008

It's neat to finally find some good history as well as good people from the past. Looking foward to the reunion.

Calvin Hicks (1977) buffer41 at yahoo dot com
Memphis - March 08, 2008

I'm excited to see this website, I'm going to try to attend the reunion. Hope to see everyone.

Shelly Kirk Huels (1976) shelly at bobhuels dot com
Branson MO - March 06, 2008

Glad there is a date for the reunion and looking forward to seeing everyone. Tolar's "Full Moon" comment had me on the floor. See you guys in Oct.

George "Jerry" Tatum (1976)
cdsincjerry at aol dot com
Memphis - February 23, 2008

Much fuller than it used to be...

John Tolar (1976)
johnt at untiedelevator dot com
Knoxville - February 25, 2008

I can't wait to see everyone at the reunion. I also want to thank Larry, Paul, Phillip and everyone else for taking the time to get this together. I'm especially looking forward to the reunion of Jon and Luther's band. Even if they don't end up playing at the reunion they said they will play somewhere that weekend. I think I can speak for them when I say they are excited as well. See you guys soon.

Brucie Wells (1977) eneal at kcnet dot com
Kansas City MO - February 23, 2008

Jon Wells ('76), Jim Monaghan (CHS?), Luther ('76) and George ('74) Bradfute

Glad to hear the reunion date is set -- thanks for all the hard work, guys! BTW, anyone curious about Wayne Nathan ('78) can see what he's been up to at this site: Wayne is in big demand as an interior designer in New York City.

Ris (Ramsey) Maxwell (1977) rmaxwell at westrogers dot com
Memphis - February 22, 2008

I've been living, working, and playing in Phoenix, AZ since 1980. I mostly live to go scuba diving, requiring ridiculously long travel to insanely remote places. When in town I work, do volunteer work for Arizona Theatre Company, run a home based business (, and waste too much time downloading podcasts.

KC Skinner (you know me as Kathy) (1976)
skinnerkc at aol dot com
Phoenix AZ - February 22, 2008

Martin (Marti) Tate Choate, Rachel Scott Woodall, KC (Kathy) Skinner, Tab Choate, Joe Wallace, Carol Dahl McMaster, from Christmas 2007 get-together.

More '76-er's from Christmas 2007: Jeannie Russell Craig, Carol Dahl McMaster, Paul Nathan, Rachel Scott Woodall.

Great jobs on everything and getting the news oput fast for everybody. Hope to see everybody at reunion. Again great jobs.

Joe Wallace (1976)
Memphis - February 22, 2008

Great! Thanks guys! This should be fun. Oh and by the way, according to the Lunar schedule, we should NOT have a full moon that night...TOLAR!!!! LOL! :)

Dianne Abel (1976) dhabel at fedex dot com
Atoka - February 22, 2008

IT'S OFFICIAL! THE HOMECOMING GAME IS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10. SO THE REUNION WILL BE SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11. ALSO RUMORS THAT THERE MIGHT BE A COMMAND PERFORMANCE BY LUTHER BRADFUTE, JON WELLS, AND OTHERS during the evening's festivities. Thanks to Paul Gentry for staying in communication with CHS and getting this info as quickly as possible. If you've not registered yet, now's the time! Check out the J2 Class Reunions page (see link at top of main page).

Photo: me and my brothers and sisters in Colorado. Lee (CHS '73), me (CHS '77), Lon (Harding '80), Laurie (CHS '82), Liese (CHS '74)

Larry Holder (1977) centralhigh77 at larryholdermusic dot org
Martin - February 01, 2008 we have any dates in mind yet for reunion??? A lot of us need to get things on the calendar for this year because of planning for family events, work trips, and vacation dates for work. I am checking the site every few days, and really enjoy seeing postings from other classmates. I know some members of the Class of 76 got together in December to eat and visit, but I was unable to be there. Keep us posted...Thanks to the crew for all their work on pulling this together!!! Sherry

Cheryl Wentworth Anders (1976) sherryanders at yahoo dot com
Winnsboro LA - February 01, 2008

Hey everybody! This is great! Larry, I can't thank you enough for putting this site together. And a great job of it I'd like to add! Chris has been telling me about the reunion for awhile, but I don't spend much time on the computer [except to play pinball] so I'm just getting around to checking it out. It's great to see everybody. Can't say I'd recognize but a few if I ran into them on the street. Still here in Mphs all these years except for 6 yrs just south of Walls, MS with my 1st husband and father of 2 of my children. Have 3 in all, 23, 24, & 28. Yes I'm feeling very old. I even have a 20mth old granddaughter now. She and her mother live w/ my husband & I and it's great! She adores her 'Nanna' as I adore her. I wasn't looking forward to having a baby in the house but it's so different than when mine were babies, then you're so busy raising them & intent on doing everything 'right' that you don't really get to just enjoy them. Well I'm rambling so I'll sign off for now. Can't wait to see everybody.

Karen Christensen Pinkerton (1978) jmkpink2 at aol dot com
Memphis - January 30, 2008

What a great trip down memory lane! Thanks for the heads up Dale McKay! After graduating from LSU in 1981 (having taken the scenic route), I went on Young Life staff in Birmingham, AL, then to New Orleans on staff. I then went into the computer industry and have been here ever since. I have owned my own consulting practice for ten years now. I am married to Louise, a New Orleans girl, and have a 15 year old boy and a 13 year old girl. We have been blessed. We'll celebrate our 29th anniversary in August. Great to see and read about all that is going on.

Dan McConnell (1976) danmc at epicmgmt dot com
New Orleans LA - January 29, 2008

Hi, I'm a graduate of CHS 1976, currently married and working for the Metro Water Services in Nashville. My wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at Biketoberfest 2007 in Datona, of course we both ride Harleys. Glad to see this website.

Jim Millican (1976) jim.millican at nashville dot gov
Whitehouse - January 29, 2008

OMG!!!! Finally a reunion. I've been on Classmates for several years trying to find out when a reunion was going to be held. Larry, I can't thank you enough for pulling this together. It will be AWESOME to see everyone. There is no way I am going to miss this. Let me know if there is anything I can do, anything at all.

Dale McKay (1976) dmckay2 at nycap.rr dot com
Albany NY - January 28, 2008

Laura Truitt told me about this site a while back but my brother actually sent me the link. Thanks Larry Holder for putting this together. It is so awesome to see so many familiar faces. I live with my dear husband Wendell, Briarcrest '78, a Farmers Insurance agent. We have three children, Lauren (20) sophomore volleyball player University of Memphis, Jason (17) junior baseball at Germantown (verbally committed to University of Louisville) and Brett (12). Hope to see you all at the reunion.

Jerri Roberson Thompson (1977) thom4796 at bellsouth dot net
Germantown - January 17, 2008

Hey guys, Jeannie told me about the reunion. I know I skipped a year and graduated in 1975 but these are the people I grew up with. I Still see Leigh, Laura, and Jeannie around. Jeannie and I worked together at the MED for about three years. I have been at the MED for 18 years as a med tech and now a supervisor (kind of like a zookeeper). I see Rusty all the time also. I miss you guys and I will be there for the reunion. No wife but a really great gal named Tina I'm seeing. See you soon

Ronald Lessard (1976) rlessard at the-med dot org
Memphis - January 16, 2008

How nice to see so many friendly faces from the past. Thanks to Larry Holder and Katherine Allen for telling me about this site. I am especially glad to read that so many of you are doing well; I wish you all the very best. I am enjoying life in Louisville, Kentucky with my wonderful husband of 24 years, Stephen, and our 4 boys, Warren, Thompson, Lane and Griffin. I'm looking forward to a reunion. . . how fun! Take care, all.

Suellyn Spiegelman Perry (1977) suellynp at juno dot com
Louisville KY - December 26, 2007

What a wonderful site to reconnect with those we knew at Central and Snowden! I moved to Tipton County a few years back with the love of my life, David. We have a yours, mine, and ours brood - Lauren 24 and her new husband Erik, Tyler 18, Elise 17, and Christie 7! Thanks to Susan Ogle for sending me this site!

Susan Kaufman White (1978) sw4ut at aol dot com
Atoka - December 22, 2007

Rollerball, anyone? (to see larger photo, click here).

Pictured here: Scoop Carlisle (standing), Susan Seyfreid, Paul Nathan, Luther Bradfute (standing), David Mah.

Photo by Rusty White, 1976.

Found out about this site and the reunion from Joe Wallace. Looking forward to the 2008 get-together. I'm a lawyer with the public defender's office in Memphis. Also the co-owner of the entertainment website Entertainment Insiders ( Married to Teri Blair for the past 12 years. 3 kids Christy (21) Blair (18) and Lauren (9). Whoever runs this site can contact me as I have tons of photos I took for The Warrior newspaper back in the day. The out of focus shot of Ronnie Dell and the Dell Rons on this site was one I took.

Rusty White (1976) attylrw at aol dot com
Memphis - December 02, 2007

In regards to the question mark of the guy in the Dellrons picture. Hey, is the guy in the cap Chuck Street? I remember him and Jeff Chandler used to practice in his attic and we would go over there and listen.

Debbie Hendrick Cornelius (1977) deborah_cornelius at genpt dot com
Memphis - November 30, 2007

Here is Ronnie Dell and the Dellrons, a.k.a. RC and the Moon Pie Band, in a photo taken by Rusty White in 1976 (to see larger photo, click here).

Front row, left to right: Sam Bryant (songwriter; wrote a hit song for Rick Springfield), John Tolar, Jack Miller, Jeff Chandler. Back row, left to right: Luther Bradfute, Jon Wells, Chuck Street.

Jack Miller (1976) jack.miller at
Meridianville AL - August 23, 2007

Jay Manley

Sammy Talarico
I got permission to make a guestbook entry for two guys that don't have email. Jay Manley (1976) and Sammy Talarico (1977). I told them about the reunion. They still live in Memphis. Sam has a daughter playing Volley Ball at Holy Rosary. Jay works for MLG&W and has a hunting club.

Phillip Webster (1977) phillip.webster at bmhcc dot org
Memphis - November 16, 2007

FYI if you live in Memphis and heard about a Police Officer on a motorcycle involved in a hit and run yesterday. That was Our classmate and friend Lt. Greg Quinn (76). He is sore but in good shape as of last night.

Question: Did anyone attend the Central Homecoming game?

McGoldrick (1977) gmcgldrc at memphis dot edu
Memphis - November 09, 2007

Here we are (Chris McGoldrick, Gary Yates, Larry Holder, and Paul Gentry) at the Wolfchase IHOP after meeting with representatives of J2 Class Reunions and discussing plans for the reunion which will be on the weekend of Homecoming 2008 (exact date yet to be determined). Paul will be posting minutes of the meeting soon. Gary Yates drove all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. Plans are progressing well. Our next reunion committee meeting will be in January. Thanks to all, and keep spreading the word!

Wow. It has been a LONG time since I have seen some of these names! I still live in Memphis. I am on marriage #3. Lynn is 15 years younger than me, but she manages to keep up fairly well. I have 2 kids, Michael is 26 and Miranda is 21... both are grown and gone!!! That leaves time to travel. I have a couple of pieces of rental property in midtown and live in East Memphis. So I stay busy. But would love to see y'all again!

Leon Woodruff (1977) orangesec at yahoo dot com
Memphis - November 02, 2007

Brucie Wells turned me on to this page, thanks Brucie! I'm forwarding the information to my sister Odette who lives in Olive Branch, MS. I'm living in Southern California. Just survived the wildfires unscathed ... whew! It would be very nice to see everyone and catch up.

Rey Gonzalez (1978) rey.gonzalez at cox dot net
Vista CA - October 25, 2007

Glad to see that we are going to have our First Reunion in 30 Years! Can't wait to see everybody after all this time. I was married to Randy Ferguson, Catholic High for 12 years and we have a daughter Ashley 20 years old. I have remarried The love of my life, Eddie Priest. My Stepson Johnathan is 17 years old. We like to travel to Nascar Races, Trout fish, and just enjoy what life has in store for us! We have lived in Lakeland for 6 years.

Mary Wentworth Ferguson (1977) marythemom2001 at yahoo dot com
Lakeland - October 22, 2007

Hi Everybody! I'm looking forward to the reunion. It was looking at all of the pictures! I'll try to send one soon.

Carol Jones (1977) cmjones1 at roadrunner dot com
Cleveland OH - October 13, 2007

My thanks to Randy Williams for writing me about this site. Shout out to all my classmates. Life is crazy, I've had two nephews and one niece graduate from Central since our time and they think of me as old. My teenage son laughs when I tell him about our food fights in the cafeteria back in the day. Married with four kids in Christiana. Keep in touch!

Bob Wilson (1978) bwilson at crosslin dot com
Christiana - October 12, 2007

Its great to see all of the familiar faces! I have remained in Memphis while raising my son Trey (now 25, married, and living in Knoxville). I have been in Human Resources for almost 25 years and have spent the last 14 years with Williams-Sonoma. Thanks to Jack Miller and Chris McGoldrick, I reconnected with Greg Quinn (Class of 76) a little over 3 years ago. Greg and I are enjoying life and seeing the country on the back of a Harley!

Cathy Pure Neill (1976) cneill at wsgc dot com
Memphis - September 27, 2007

My stars, people! Has it been 30 years already? Oh, that pains me... makes my body ache ... where's the Alleve ... Lovin' it here in Ocala, Florida with my husband, Bill, of 20 years and our two boys, Marshall (17) and Austin (12). I actually still like my kids as they are kinda cool and keep me laughing. My hubby is an eye doctor and yes, friends, I have used my crazy sense of humor and enjoyment of the spotlight, making a living as a professional speaker and humorist. ( I have a monthly column in the Ocala Business Journal called "Relationship Savvy" and am working on a second book called "Mean Women Suck: A Survival Guide for Working with Women." I'm trying hard to finish it but women just keep giving me such good material! Thanks to Larry and his Posse for organizing this website and the 20-year reunion (yes, I just shaved off 10 years ... go with it, people!) as I know it's a lot of work. I'll check back to see who else has turned up here! Love to all! Beth

Beth (Buzby) Ramsay (1977) marieL37 at aol dot com
Ocala FL - September 26, 2007

Hello to all my former Central'ites, Jonathan Wells here and greetings from Las Vegas were I have been a full time musician for a few years. It's great to see so many familiar names and faces. After leaving Central I went on the road with a local Memphis band and ended up playing drums with Black Oak Arkansas for a couple of years which led me to Baltimore, MD were I lived for almost 20 years. Married, had a son named Sean (6 years old), divorced, and moved to Vegas. Thanks to all the folks for putting this site together, What a blast!!!!!

Jonathan Wells (1976) jonathanwells1 at mac dot com
Las Vegas NV - September 23, 2007

Hi Everyone. It's really great to see the faces from the Class of '77, most of which I have not seen since then. I have been really wanting to go to a reunion, but have not heard of one, until now. I would love to attend a 30 year reunion. Please keep me informed as things come together. I'm divorced with 3 grown kids and 6 grand kids. I've lived in the Memphis area for many years, then moved to Florida, Nashville, Memphis and now back in Nashville for 3 1/2 years.

David A. Stoner (1977) david at cad-ds dot com
Nashville - September 25, 2007

I would love to meet up with everyone. I live in Calif. and have my two boys, and in addition I teach public speaking at Calif. State Los Angeles. For someone who hated school, I have embraced education. I hope to see everyone soon.

Anthony C. Smith (1977) tonysmith39 at gmail dot com
Monrovia CA - September 24, 2007

Hi! Gregory Quinn, Central Class of 1976. I have been living in Memphis my whole life. I have a son, Ian who is 23 years old. I have over 23 years of service on the Memphis Police Department. I am a Lieutenant and am the commander of the evening shift of the Motorcycle Squad. For the past 3 years Cathy Pure Neill, (also class of 76), and I have been dating and traveling together throughout the United States. We do all of our sightseeing on motorcycle, (Harley of course).

Gregory Quinn (1976) greg.quinn at memphistn dot gov
Memphis - September 23, 2007

WOW! It's like That 70's Show come to life! Thanks, Larry, Chris, et al. Married to Mary Lynn Street (White Station 77) for 24 years now. We have a son Ben whose 21 and going to school in Tuscaloosa studying graphic arts. Drew is about to turn 18 and is a national champion trampoline and tumbling gymnast. I've been selling elevators and Mary Lynn in banking and trust since we got out of Ole Miss except for the time we spent in prison ...... ministry (you believed the first one, admit it). Reunion sounds great!

John Tolar (1976) johnt at unitedelevator dot com
Knoxville - September 18, 2007

Not only did Laura Rowe Greer tell us about this site, but she is also responsible for getting tab and me together almost 11 years ago! We are so happy to see that someone has the courage to put together a class reunion! Tab is with the space shuttle program in Huntsville and I am a sales rep for a fabric and furniture company out of New York. Tell us where to come and we will be there!

Tab aned Marti Choate (1976) rmartinchoate at knology dot net
Huntsville AL - September 15, 2007

Bonzo told me about this page. I am in the car business in Memphis, have a son 26 and a daughter 21. Look forward to a reunion.

Kevin Ware (1977) KTWARE4 at aol dot com
Lakeland - September 13, 2007

Glad to see faces from the past....

Paul Bowers (1978) pbowers at peoplelease dot com
Madison MS - September 12, 2007

WOW!!! I am glad someone is pulling one together for us all. It's been a crazy year: our oldest daughter, Sarah (26), married last September; my husband of almost 28 years passed away in March this year; our youngest, Brad (18) graduated from high school on May 19; and our middle child, Rachel (23) got married on May 26 this year. In the photo (left to right) is: my first son-in-law, Scott, my daughter Sarah, my daughter Rachel, me, and my son Brad. My newest son-in-law, Dusty, is not in the picture. Ready for a reunion!! Love ya'll, Sherry

Cheryl Wentworth Anders (1976) sherryanders at yahoo dot com
Winnsboro LA - September 11, 2007

I, as I am sure many others from the class of 76, was disappointed when 2006 came and went and there was no word of a 30th reunion. Although a little late for a 30th, 2008 represents another milestone for most of us as we turn 50!!! It will be great to see everyone. Thank you to all you brave souls willing to plan this event.

Melinda Adams Kintzele (1976) kintz5 at comcast dot net
Michigan City IN - September 9, 2007

I would love a class reunion. Thank you for including our class. It's a lot of hard work. I know the whereabouts of a few people. I'll forward this. Please keep me posted. Thanks!
Photo, left to right: Jeannie Russell Craig ('76), Sarah Leigh Rowe ('76), Laura Rowe Greer ('76)

Laura Rowe Greer (1976) lgreer6320 at aol dot com
Memphis - September 7, 2007

Katherine Allen recently forwarded the info on the reunion. Many thanks for taking the lead on this and attempting to reconnect all of the far-flung graduates... I would welcome the opportunity to participate and see our former classmates. I have been in the Boston area for around 15 years, but get to Memphis 1-2 times a year.

Magda (Jabbour) McCormick (1977, Class Vice-President) m4mcc at yahoo dot com
Cambridge MA - September 4, 2007

Well, I didn't make it to Central before we moved, but I remember a lot of these folks, since I went to Vollentine and Snowden. And my 'very oldest' friend is Dianne Hunt Abel. I also am mother to horses, dogs and cats, work for an electrical contractor (20+ years), do a little freelance writing and a lot of horse-showing, and try to make a difference. Good luck on your reunion! Photo from kindergarten at Vollentine: Jane on the left, Diane Hunt Abel next

Jane (Buehl) Coln (1976) janecoln at aol dot com
Olive Branch MS - September 5, 2007

This is from Paul Woods, class of '77. I was just made aware of this website thru Cindy Tatum. I feel like I've stepped into a time warp! Pretty amazing to see how everyone spread out all over the country, have kids of their own etc. After getting my Criminal Justice degree at Memphis State, yes, I will always call it that, I hired on in the flegling security dept at FedEx. Only planned to stay a few years and then move on. Been here for almost 25 years now. My aspirations of being an F.B.I. or Secret Service agent kinda went by the wayside after having kids and building tenure at FedEx. I am a Sr Security Specialist covering numerous Memphis and field locations for the company. Ironically, I work with the F.B.I. and numerous other federal and local agencies as part of my job duties. Funny how life works out sometimes. I have been married for 23 years and have a daughter 17, and a son 12. We live in Olive Branch, MS. The only class member I have seen recently is Mike Tatum. He works for a big shipper of ours in the Memphis area.

Paul Woods (1977) pswoods at fedex dot com
Olive Branch MS - September 4, 2007

A reunion might be fun, especially since my sister's class (1976) will be included. I currently live in Biloxi, Mississippi with my husband, our 2 children (aged 11 and 10), cranky cat, and pampered guinea pig. I am the chair of the art department for a small, private university. I teach graphic design and illustration and am actively involved with designing paper doll art. Check out

Tracy (Skinner) Williams (1978) tracy_jane_sc at yahoo dot com
Biloxi MS - September 1, 2007

Hi everyone, glad there is going to be a reunion. I didn't know they had one before so I look forward to seeing everyone. I own my on business and I have been married to Cindy for almost 25 years now. We have 2 boys 14 and 11. I still play sports when I have time but both my kids are athletes and that keeps me busy and little Jerry is a freshman at Central. OK enough. Talk to everyone soon.

George "Jerry" Tatum (1976) cdsincjerry at aol dot com
Memphis - August 31, 2007

Hey everybody, got wind of the site from Herb Sadler, and Chris McGoldrick, think it's great to FINALLY have a reunion after 30 yrs. I still live in Memphis area (Bartlett) With great girl (Becky), who is Donor services Director at St. Jude/ALSAC. I work in Horn Lake, MS as Branch manager for a wholesale co. selling insulation, fireplaces and other residental bldg products. Have 2 great boys ( 22, 15 ) that live with their mother. Have talked to few classmates in recent years, and have passed the word along about reunion to a few also. Hope this all comes together. Be great seeing everybody and how much YOU have changed !!

Mike Williams (1977) mwilliams at service-partners dot com
Bartlett - August 31, 2007

Hey guys and gals, What a pleasant surprise! I am excited about getting together with everyone. Please count me in and keep me in the information loop. Still live in the Memphis area and married for 21 years to Luane. We have a 5 year old little girl names Rachel (another late starter). We all enjoy playing golf, Redbird and Tiger games and just hanging out with friends. I run into Lyle Ogle at FedEx regularly. And a special thanks to Rachel Woodall for forwarding the information on the reunion. Visited the web site... Bonzo, you look MARVELOUS!

Vasilios Semos aka VMan (1976) vasili.semos at intermec dot com
Germantown - August 31, 2007

Hi Everyone! How neat it is to see all these old faces from the past! I was known to everyone as Suzie Crabtree... Boy was i ever glad to get married! Been married to William for almost 20 years and we have Hannah (11 next month) and Max (9). I am a stay at home mom who homeschools. I have had a great life since graduation in 1976. And now i am a minister in our church but mostly in the streets. Do a lot of homeless ministry and ministry to those in drug rehab. It's all good! Laura (Rowe) Greer sent me this link and i thank you for that Laura... its been great reading all the posts on here! Laura can probably reach more people than i can! Anyone heard from Alvera Leachman? or Steve Kemp or Donna Kelso or Tyna Osteen? I havent lived in the Big M for 20 yrs but i have managed to find a few people from Snowden and Idlewild. Great to see Scoop on here too! I have thought about all ya'll at one time or another thru the years. Man.... We never thought we would grow old! LOL! I will forward this page on to a couple other people i know... Thanks for putting it together... Stay in touch and let us know the time and date... Gotta plan ya know! I cant wait! Peace!

Suzanne Garner (1976) susu8258 at aol dot com
Gastonia NC - August 31, 2007

Thanks to everyone for passing the reunion info along! It is great to hear from so many classmates after all these years. I've been a computer programmer at UT Martin for the past 20 years (see cheezy webcam photo), and at Wal-Mart data processing in Bentonville Arkansas before that. Met Rebecca at UTM and married after graduating in '81; we're now "empty nesters" with two daughters, 24 and 22. Outside of work, I've continued to write songs and have been self-publishing them on the web since 1995 (so if you're wondering why the CHS pages are on the domain, now you know :-) I look forward to more reunion planning!

Larry Holder (1977) lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - August 31, 2007

I am so glad to see that we are going to have a reunion after all. We will all just be a little older - no big deal. I am a CPA in Jackson, MS. I have a wonderful husband, Carey and three awesome children: Emily (25), Reed (20) and Kendall (17). Carey, Emily and I are now training to run the Chicago Marathon, which is probably really hard to believe since I am about as athletic as a rock. Sherry, thanks for sending me the info.

Kim Ashworth McCoy (1976) kmccoy at str-cpa dot com
Brandon MS - August 30, 2007

Wow... I never thought I would see so many CHS faces from the past! I've always found it strange that our class ('77) never really had a reunion. Katherine Allen wrote me a letter about this, so here I am. Since college, I've worked in advertising and publishing as an art director. I have twin seven-year-old boys at Grace St. Luke's, and their dad is my ex, Paul Nathan ('76). Paul works as a portfolio analyst at ALSAC/St. Jude. I'll pass the reunion info along to him and to Wayne Nathan ('78). My husband Norm is a senior business systems analyst at FedEx (major computer geek) and scuba diving instructor. Keep me updated on reunion details!

Ris (Ramsey) Maxwell (1977) rmaxwell at westrogers dot com
Memphis - August 30, 2007

Hello Everyone! It is so wonderful to see everyone's picture. WOW! Talk about stirring up some old memories. I heard about the possibilty of a reunion from Leslie (Harris) Montgomery. I have lived in Memphis since graduating from Central. I have been married for 20 years to my husband Tom (CBHS Graduate). We have a beautiful daughter, Sarah(18) who is a Sophomore at Samford University in Birmingham(2006 Saint Agnes Academy Graduate). Our other child, a wire-haired fox terrier (a.k.a. Bailee) is our latest addition. I have been in the banking industry for several years, but in the past 7 years have been working in the Accounting industry with Century Management, LLC. in Memphis. It would be very nice/interesting to have a reunion. THANKS TO ALL WHO ARE TRYING TO COORDINATE THIS!! I look forward to hearing from you guys.

Marti (Williamson) Sheehan (1977) tsheehan at bellsouth dot net
Memphis - August 23, 2007

Hi Larry. I think this is great, that you started this website. I've lived all over west tenn, and settled in Dresden 18 yeras ago. I have two daughters Katie 16 & Rachael 6. After the service, I got into the liquor business. I've been at Star Distributors for 18 yr. Looking at all the letters & faces sure bring back a lot or memories.

Herb Sadler (1977) pankah38133 at yahoo dot com
Dresden - August 23, 2007

I have been in beautiful downtown D'Burg for almost 20 years. Have a great wife, a son, 20, who is a junior at UT, and a daughter, 17, who is a senior at DHS. Have enjoyed all of my wife's (numerous) reunions here and look forward to the possibility of us having one.
... Let me qualify. Not that numerous reunions are a bad thing, just that folks in a town with one school seem to "get it" better than folks from a place like Memphis.

James Robertson (1976) jkea at cableone dot net
Dyersburg - August 23, 2007

I'm excited about having a reunion! I am married to Randy Montgomery, Circus Arts instructor and professional clown. I have two children, Danielle(20) and Rebekah(18). They are both attending Union University. I work at Evergreen Church as the Afterschool Director. I still keep in contact with Marti(Williamson)Sheehan. I will let her know

Leslie (Harris) Montgomery (1977) twoquestionsforyou at yahoo dot com
Memphis - August 23, 2007

This is great! I missed one reunion, I would like to make this one. Definitely keep me posted. Married to Johnny for 23 years. City girl moved to the country. We have no children. Happy being mother to horses, dogs and cats. Have kept in touch with Joe, Cathy Pure and Larry Harmon (his wife works at FedEx).

Dianne Hunt Abel (1976) dhabel at fedex dot com
Atoka - August 23, 2007

Great to hear from the class of 76/77/78. I talk a lot to Jack Miller and Diane Abel a.k.a. Hunt. Hope to see everybody in '08 at the class reunion. Live in Arlington and train horses for kids to ride and show on. Take care and God bless. Your class mate of '76.

W.J. (Joe) Wallace (1976)
Arlington - August 23, 2007

Glad to see the guestbook growing! Each of us need to keep spreading the word. I didn't include this before, I am married, one time! 2 boys age 9 and 5. I left midtown in late 70's. Live close to the Univ. of Memphis. I'll try to get a family photo. I am working on contacting class of 76- Jack Miller "Help me out!"

Chris McGoldrick (1977) gmcgldrc at memphis dot edu
Memphis - August 23, 2007

Great to see a lot af familiar names and faces! I left Memphis 22 years ago, been working for the U.S. Space and Missile Defense Command for 20 years. I'm Married with 3 girls, 17, 14, 10.

Jack Miller (1976) jack.miller at smdc dot army dot mil
Meridianville AL - August 23, 2007

How can we not share a bond? We were doomed to wear 70's fashion in the flower of our youth. But at least anyone who has posted an entry here has survived in spite of it. After swearing I never would never leave the city, I have migrated to the suburbs of Chicago, where I am raising 2 above-average children--they are ALL above average--ages 12 (boy) and 10 (girl), with the assistance of my fellow slave (husband) Steve. Currently I'm managing the investment portfolio at The Joyce Foundation. Hedge funds, anyone? Great to read all the entries, and I hope to see all of you at the reunion

Jenny Patterson (1977) jrpatterson1959 at aol dot com
Winnetka IL - August 21, 2007

What fun this is! I am in Memphis after attending Rhodes and getting a graduate degree at the University of Texas. Various jobs and am now the Vice President for Development at the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association. Married to Brad, no children. One standard poodle and two cats though!

Sally Jones Heinz (1977) ssjheinz at yahoo dot com
Memphis - August 21, 2007

Susan Ogle just called me. This is great! Thank you Larry. I graduated in 1978. Susan and I are still great friends and are finally able to spend some time together now that our young ones are leaving the nest! I married Larry Truitt in 1984 and have two wonderful boys, a 15 year old at Briarcrest and a 19 year old "Memphis State" Tiger football player (look for #51)! GO TIGERS!

Laura (Morris) Truitt (1978) laura29 at bellsouth dot net
Germantown - August 20, 2007

Hi- It's really weird to see all these names and faces again. I'm still in the neighborhood. I was a graphic designer for 20+ years, now I teach preschool. I'm married and have a daughter (16) who attends Central and a son (12) who attends Snowden. I'll try and spread the word ...

Carol Neal Reber (1977) cnreber at comcast dot net
Memphis - August 19, 2007

I think a reunion next year is a great idea! I've lost touch with everyone over the past several years although I did run into Marjean Liggett at our 25th college reunion last year in Ohio. I've lived in the Los Angeles area for the past 24 years since going to grad school at UCLA where I met my husband, Dave Kemp. We've been married for the past 16 years and have a son (13) and a daughter (9). I worked for several years after getting my Ph.D. in geophysics, but have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 9 years, since my daughter was born. Thanks to Larry Holder for getting in contact with me to let me know about reunion plans.

Anne Beachey-Kemp (1977) dvkemp at earthlink dot net
Glendale CA - August 16, 2007

Hey Phillip...Don't know where Tasia is but I know she married and I believe she is still somewhere in Memphis. She is in the banking business, I want to say Union Planters. Do I get any kind of reward for that? :-) -- Close! Tasia is still in banking, but with another bank now, in Atlanta area.

Hi all...Great website. I'm divorced, living in Leander, Texas working as a Realtor, loving life and would be interested in a reunion. If anyone is ever in the Austin, Texas area, look me up! I'm listed as Peggy Lankford. Hope to see ya'll in the future!

Peggy Weisenhorn (1977) Peglank at swbell dot net
Leander TX - August 16, 2007

Thanks to Phillip Waldrup for tracking me down up and letting me know that a reunion may be in the works. I don't think the class of 77 has ever had one, have we? I'm a lawyer and live in State College, PA, with my husband, a professor at Penn State, and three teenage kids. I make it back to Memphis several times a year to see family and would love to come for reunion.

Katherine Allen (1977) kmallen at mqblaw dot com
State College PA - August 15, 2007

Hi everyone, For the past 20 years I have had a tutoring service here in Memphis. It's been incredibly rewarding work. My son, Tristan is now 23 and recently graduated from Middlebury. This photo was taken of me (second from left) with my son (the redhead, far right) and his friends at their graduation. I've heard from Hercules and Chris McGoldrick in the past year. It will be nice to catch up with others.

Alida Scarbrough (1976) alidastutoring at yahoo dot com
Memphis - August 15, 2007

We finally got the ball rolling... Several of us got together at University of Memphis on August 13 to start making plans for a 76-77-78 reunion in 2008.

First photo: Phillip Waldrup, Chris McGoldrick, Larry Holder, and Gary Yates ('77 class president).
Gary and Larry will serve as co-chairmen.
Second photo: Jennifer Bowman ('78) and Rubystyne Pane.
Third photo: Paul Gentry, John Gill, and Bonzo (Phillip Webster).

Hey, want to join in on the fun? Just contact any of us. We plan to meet every couple of months.

R E W A R D : To the first person that can locate Tasia Theoharatos. Please contact Chris McGoldrick for your reward. Please contact this website w/ any info. re: Tasia's whereabouts. -- Note: Tasia found, in Georgia! Reward goes to Brucie Wells

Phillip Webster (1977) phillip.webster at bmhcc dot org
Memphis - August 15, 2007

Thanks, Susan Ogle, for passing this along.
The reunion sounds like fun! My husband, Bruce, and I are still in Memphis.
I'm going on 30 years at First Tennessee Bank.
We have a 21 year old son in his junior year at UT Knoxville.
It would be great to catch up with everyone.

Beth Tribble Lester (1978) eelester at ftb dot com
Memphis - August 15, 2007

Happy to see that there is a reunion in the works. The class of '78 has had 2 reunions and it was GREAT to see so many old friends! We're still in Midtown and have 3 kids (14, 18 & 21.) Lyle is an Engineer at FedEx and Susan is an RN who has been doing the mom thing. Let us know what we can do to help with the reunion.

Lyle (1977) & Susan (1978) Ogle susanogle at yahoo dot com
Memphis - August 14, 2007

Just got wind of this via Philip Webster. Great to see names like Bonzo, Rubystyne Payne, Dorothy Buford, Mike Tatum (still playing ball Mike?), Scoop Carlile, etc. Anne Vosler (my wife, Central High School, 1984) and I are living in Marin County, California, but we would both certainly come home for a reunion. Hope to see you all there!

Tim Smith (1977) timsmith at cal.berkeley dot edu
San Anselmo CA - July 27, 2007

Still here in Memphis. I can't believe how you guys have changed so much. Chris, you still look the same. Debbie Jones, you look great. Andy Quinn, glad you are in here. I was into ROTC and cheerleading in school. I am married and have 1 daughter, 3 stepdaughters, 1 granddaughter and 2 grandsons. Life is full. I work at NAPA Auto Parts in the accounting department. Haven't talked to anyone except Peggy Wiesenhorn, Jenny Bowman and Karen Christensen since high school. Would love to know more about this reunion.

Debbie Hendrick Cornelius (1977) deborah_cornelius at genpt dot com
Memphis - July 23, 2007

a.k.a Brucie Wells Don't know how I found this site but I'm glad I did. We moved to Kansas City immediately after high school so I really haven't been in touch with anybody since. I am divorced with one son who just turned 23. I work in the financial services industry. It's good to see some familiar names. Let me know if there is a reunion.

Elizabeth Neal (1977) eneal at kcnet dot com
Kansas City MO - July 20, 2007

What's up Warriors? I would be up for a reunion. I am currently in law school in Santa Rosa, CA due to graduate in 2010. Let me know when and where and I will do my best to be there. Thanks.

Andrew Quinn (1977) phatbwoi at yahoo dot com
Santa Rosa CA - July 19, 2007

Hey everybody! I am from the lowly class of 1978 but would love to be a part of this! Several classmates expressed interest in getting together with you guys and doing this. Sounds fun! Please count me in! I am an event coordinator and could lend a bit of help.

Jennifer Bowman Harris (1978) jentenjen at hotmail dot com
Jonesboro AR - July 18, 2007

I've only talked with 2 or 3 classmates from Central or Snowden over the past 30 years. I am living in Paragould, Arkansas with my 2 children, Amanda-17 and Collin-14. I've been a teacher for approximately 20 years, teaching in special education, kindergarten and 4th grade.

Carla Hughes Hunt (1977) chuntballet at yahoo dot com
Paragould, Arkansas - July 10, 2007

This is Gary Yates class of '77. I was forwarded your email address from Rubystyne Payne Whalum and Donna Olds White who are also from the class of '77. My wife and I are relocating to Atlanta in the next month. It would be great if a group of us could get together and form some type of committee ('77, '76 and '78). I am willing to come to Memphis to meet.

Majority of my life in the past 10 years has been in the areas of directing and teaching (teaching speech & theatre arts on the university level for the past 17 years).

Gary Yates (1977, Class President) actorloft at yahoo dot com
California - June 27, 2007

Chris McGoldrick was recently up here in Martin doing some work for the earthquake center... Here's one of us out at the site. I put some more photos here:

Larry Holder (1977)
larry at larryholdermusic dot org
Martin - June 27, 2007

I was goggling around to see if anyone was putting together a reunion, I can't believe it's been 30 years. I live in Holden Beach, NC. I own a restaurant and do some Real Estate, would love to come back to Memphis for a reunion. Keep me posted. LeeAnn

LeeAnn Thomas Politis (1977) leeannpolitis at yahoo dot com
Holden Beach NC - April 26, 2007

Hey Everyone! I am still here in Memphis, but only for the next few weeks then I am moving to Kansas City, Missouri. I am the new House manager for the Ronald McDonald House Longfellow Park in KC. I am very interested in a reunion!! Please keep me posted.... and if you go back and look up my picture in the year book.... don't hold it against me! LOL

Debbie Jones (1977) sunflower.daze at hotmail dot com
Memphis - April 13, 2007

Hey all, I've posted a new email address. I'd love to see a 30th reunion sometime. Drop a line sometime.

Paul Gentry (1977) paul_gentry at comcast dot net
Bartlett - March 24, 2007

Hey guys, thanks for the pictures. Count me in! I am still here in Memphis. Working for the Earthquake Center at UOM. I even have another 1950 Plymouth I could bring! I just called Steve Sullivan -- what about a Snowden group getting together? I am in the phone book!

Chris McGoldrick (1977) gmcgldrc at memphis dot edu
Memphis - February 28, 2007

Hey, I am Director of Information Systems for Baptist Memorial Hospital. I have had a radio show, "Jazz and More", on WUMR 91.7 for 27 years. It's on Sunday nights from 6-9 pm. Listen on the web at Here is a picture of me and my fake brother (we go by the More Bros. on the radio) deejaying a wedding... Go Warriors! Hope we can get together.

BONZO (Phillip Webster) (1977) phillip.webster at bmhcc dot org
Memphis - February 13, 2007

Hi Everyone! I was a cheeleader with Sherry King, Sierra, Billy, Debbie and those are the only names I can remember at this moment. I graduated 1977. I am interested in a 30 year renunion in 07. Please keep me posted. I am a commercial real estate agent,so if anyone needs any help with office, retail industrial space, just let me know.

Gloria Brooks (1977) gcarson at cresapartners dot com
Memphis - November 14, 2006

I graduated in '77 but I was a year early. I remember Paul and his sister Andrea, Henry and his sister Elizabeth and John. That was more from Snowden than Central.

Rusty Turner (1977) RATurner1960 at aol dot com
Jacksonville FL - August 3, 2006

Hi everyone. It's good to see my fellow classmates of '77.

Freda Alexander (1977)
Memphis - December 12, 2005

I wondered if '77 had a reunion. Question answered... Shout out to anyone who remembers me. This photo was taken in D.C. on Earth Day.

Dorothy Buford (1977)
itshappybunny at hotmail dot com
Vienna VA - May 25, 2004

Hello everyone. Just searched for Central High School and found this site. I am in Memphis and in operations management. Keep me posted about possible reunion. Lets stay in touch.

Mike Tatum (1977) m1019t at aol dot com
Memphis - February 10, 2004

Hi guys. I was poking thru a trove of old Warrior newspapers and started googling and somehow found this site. I'm a healthcare systems guy and father to a 20 month old boy. Late bloomer...

Scoop Carlile (1976) scoopc at mindspring dot com
Houston TX - January 27, 2004

Hello Warriors... You might not remember me but I was in the class of 1977... My brother also was there in the class of 1976... Give me a buzz

Gregory McCullum (1977) mmccullum at aol dot com
Arlington TX - October 14, 2003

We had a great time at the get together in Jackson. I hope that we can put together a working plan for a class-wide reunion soon. If you check out this site email me and let me know what you're doing. Me? I coudn't get enough of high school so I'm teaching chemistry at Cordova High.

Paul Gentry (1977) paul_gentry at comcast dot net
Bartlett - January 9, 2003

Ok, here's the guestbook for the class of 1977!
Glad to finally see Paul Gentry, John Gill, Henry Govan, and Phillip Waldrup again after these years! It would be great to have a class-wide reunion sometime.

Larry Holder (1977) larry at larryholdermusic dot org
Martin - January 9, 2003

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