Memphis Central High School Class of 1977

Five Get Together For a 25+ Year Reunion
January 2003

Above: Today... Henry Govan, Larry Holder, Paul Gentry, John Gill, and Phillip Waldrup. Four out of five have beards. Coincidence, or just good sense?

Right: Back then... Henry (at piano), Paul, Phillip, Larry, and John.

Below: John, Henry, Phillip, Paul, and Larry.

Well, after 25-plus years, all 5 of us finally got back together. We monopolized a table at Red Lobster in Jackson, TN from 11 a.m. 'til a bit past 4 p.m. on January 4, 2003, catching up on old and new stories, as well as probably setting a new record for the longest lunch! John's in the computer field in Memphis. Henry has a coffeehouse near Nashville (See link below). Phillip is a physician in Memphis. Paul teaches chemistry at Cordova High. Larry's in the computer field at UT Martin, and writes songs on the side (see link below).

Be sure to check out these websites:

Govan's Gathering Place Coffeehouse in Gallatin, TN

Larry's Songs of Praise and Worship

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