Photos from our 30 Year Reunion

Memphis Central High Classes of 1976, 1977, 1978

Photos courtesy of: Paul Gentry, Larry Holder, KC (Kathy) Skinner, Rey Gonzalez, Jeannie Russell
Reunion group photo courtesy of Delia Wages (
Thanks also to Melinda Adams for helping to tag a lot of the '76ers.

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At the Game

1. The game. I think CHS was playing :-)


3. Chris McGoldrick as High School Henry



6. Bruce Ingram and wife, Paul Nathan, Alida Scarbrough (back: John Gill)

7. Leon, Vanessa Townsend, Toni Bridgeforth

8. Tracy Skinner

After Game at Tsunami


2. Dale McKay, Chris McGoldrick


4. Dan Fitzgerald, Paul Nathan

5. Ben Jabbour, Marion Goode

6. Carla Smith, Carla Hughes


8. Rise Ramsey, __, John Gill


10. Tim Smith, Bonzo

11. Paul Gentry, John Gill, Larry Holder

12. Chris McGoldrick, Carla Hughes

13. Vanessa Townsend, Kathy Skinner, Marion Goode

14. Toni, Dale, Kathy

15. Vanessa, Marion, Toni Bridgeforth

16. Paul Nathan, Alida Scarbrough, Jimmy, Sherry Wentworth

Saturday Lunch at Central High

1. CHS principal and Paul Gentry

2. Jack Miller and family, and Larry Truitt

3. Toni Bridgeforth, Carla Hughes, Anne Beachey, Joe Wallace

4. Anne Beachey, Magda Jabbour, Katherine Allen

5. Chris McGoldrick, Coach Adams (Dan Fitzgerald partial)

6. Rey Gonzalez and wife (at table)

7. Lunch line. Middle right: Magda, Alida, Jenny

8. Paul Gentry, Alida Scarbrough, Andrea Gentry

9. Carla, Kathy Skinner, __, Rachel Scott, Sherry Wentworth, Mary Wentworth

10. Joe Wallace, Rey Gonzalez and family

11. Anne Beachey, Jenny Patterson, Magda Jabbour, Katherine Allen, Paul Nathan


13. Larry Truitt, Robert and Paula (Hindman) Aymett, Dale McKay


15. Anthony Smith, Vanessa Townsend, Toni Bridgeforth, __

16. Bruce Ingram and wife; Marion Goode

17. Anthony Smith goes Disco

18. Coach Adams, Carla Hughes, Mr. Chulos

19. Jenny, Magda, Katherine, Paul, Larry Holder (standing), Bruce and wife; Carla, Anne

20. Carla Smith and Sherry

21. Rachel Scott and Sherry

22. __, Magda, __

23. The 76'ers

24. Kathy and Carla

25. Toni and Mr. Chulos

26. Tracy Skinners and Anders Engstrom

27. Tracy, Anders; (at table: __, __, __)

28. Tjuana Boyland, Robin Boyland, Juana Boyland

29. Chris McGoldrick, Mr. Chulos

30. Dale McKay, Coach Adams, Jack Miller

31. Paul Gentry, Sam Gray

32. (clockwise) Bruce Ingram and wife, Paul, Carla, Anne, Jenny, Magda, Katherine

33. Bruce, Anne, Jenny, Magda, Katherine, Paul

34. Alida, Anne, Jenny, Paul

35. (front) Katherine, Anne, Jenny, Magda (back) Dale

36. Anders Egstrom (Dan Fitzgerald in back)

37. Jenny, Katherine, Anne, Magda at office

38. Jerry Bierbrodt and wife Patsy

39. Rey Gonzales and Katherine Allen

40. Rey and co-captain Keith Shelton

41. Sherry, Rey, Mary

Saturday Night at Holiday Inn

1. Band setup (George Bradfute on right)

2. Luther Bradfute setting up sound

3. Band setup with Brucie Wells

4. Band sound check

5. John Gill, Phillip Waldrup

6. Jerry Bierbrodt, Coach Cate

7. Anders Egstrom

8. Picking up nametags

9. Tim Webster and wife, Larry Holder, Paul Gentry and wife, Phillip Waldrup, Andrea Gentry

10. (clockwise from lower right) Rachel's guest, Rachel Scott, Kathy Skinner, Marion Goode, Mary Wentworth, Sherry Wentworth, __, Mike Lyne, Melinda Adams

11. (clockwise from lower right) Sherry, __, Mike, Melinda, Rachel's guest, Rachel, Kathy, Marion, Mary

12. Sam Gray, Betty Martindale and husband

13. (from bottom) __, Chris' wife, Chris McGoldrick, Jim Pinkerton, Karen Christensen Pinkerton, __, __, Dan Fitzgerald

14. (from lower left) Dale McKay, Dan, Jack Miller's wife, Chris' wife, Chris, Jim, Karen, __, Dan

15. Carla Smith, Carla Hughes, Greg Hughes (kid brother), Jenny Bowman

16. (clockwise) Anders Engstrom, Katherine Allen, Georgia Kolopanas, Carol Wynn,
Anne Beachey, Laura Camacho, Magda Jabbour, Tasia Theoharatos

17. Magda, Tasia, Tracy Skinner, Jenny, Jane McCormick, Anders, Katherine, Georgia

18. __, __, Joe Wallace, Pam Sutton and husband

19. Magda, Tasia, Kathy, Jenny, __, Anders, Katherine, __, __

20. Lori Wells, Brucie Wells, Jon Wells

21. Jon Wells, Hercules Kapos

22. (from lower left) Norma Robinson, Anthony Smith, Loretta Bartlett, Toni Bridgeforth, Cecil Booker, Leon Smith, Vanessa Townsend and husband

23. (clockwise from lower right) Loretta Bartlett, Toni Bridgeforth, Cecil Booker, Leon Smith, Vanessa Towsend and husband, Norma Robinson, Catherine Jackson


25. Juana Boyland, Tjuana Boyland, Robin Boyland Webber, Keith Shelton

26. (from lower left, clockwise) Jerry Bierbrodt and wife, Rey Gonzales and wife, John Gill and wife (Diana), Tim Smith (and wife), Phillip Webster, Coach Cate. (Background, left: Bruce Ingram, Paul Nathan)

27. Wife of Tim Smith, Phillip Webster, Coach Cate, Jerry Bierbrodt and wife, wife of Rey Gonzales

28. Tami Miller (Jack's wife), Chris and Beth McGoldrick, Jim Pinkerton, Karen Christensen Pinkerton


30. Hercules Kapos, Bruce Ingram, Paul Nathan

31. (right) Tim Smith, Ben Jabbour

32. (left) Ben Jabbour (right) Vasilios Semos and Jack Miller

33. Jon Wells, Luther Bradfute, Pam and Dave Horan, George Bradfute

34. Leigh, Sherry, Mary, Rachel, Kathy

35. Alida and Leon

36. Kathy and Leon

37. Jinx and Tasia

38. Vasilios and Sherry

39. Sherry, Rachel, Marion, Laura

40. The twins and Melinda

41. Bonzo and the Cheerleading Squad

42. THE BAND!!! (Performing as Tahbet Wax)
Kickin' it off with "Feels Like the First Time"

43. Brucie Wells with video camera. Luther Bradfute, keyboard and guitar;
Jim Monaghan, bass; Jon Wells, drums; Lori Wells [Toth], vocals;
David Horan, percussion; George Bradfute, guitar

44. Dancing!

45. More dancing! In front: Katherine, Magda, Anthony, Leon

46. John Gill and Marion Goode

47. Randy McCalman and daughter, with Billye S. (corrections? Call Rey!)

48. Rey Gonzalez and Mary Wentworth

49. (front) Laura Rowe, Melinda Adams
(back) Jeannie Russel, Sherry Wentworth, Jenny Patterson, Marion Goode

50. Jerry Bierbrodt and wife, Rey Gonzalez and wife

51. Mary Wentworth, Pam Sutton, Joe Wallace, Sherry Wentworth

52. Pam Sutton, Jeannie Russell, Tasia Theoharatos

53. Rachel Scott and guest

54. Rachel Scott, Melinda Adams, Jeannie Russell, Laura Rowe

55. Laura Camacho, Magda Jabbour, Tasia Theoharatos

56. Kathy, Jeannie, Jimmy Welsh, Leigh Rowe, Joe Wallace, Pam Sutton

57. Vasilios Semos, Jeannie, Jimmy, Leigh, Joe, Pam, Waterman Kerby

58. Jimmy Welsh, Jack Miller

59. Luter Bradfute, Ben Jabbour, Jimmy Welsh

60. Luther, Jeannie Russell, Ben

61. Paul Natha, Bruce Ingram, Kathy Skinner, Hercules Kapos

62. Kathy Skinner, Toni Bridgeforth, Jeannie Russell

63. Dan Fitzgerald, Laura Rowe, Ronald Lessard

64. (back) Melinda Adams, Mike Lyne, Chris McGoldrick, Sam Gray,
(front) Laura, Jeannie, Leigh

65. Chris, Karen Christensen Pinkerton, Jim Pinkerton

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