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Copyright is retained in these musical works. Unless specifically noted otherwise for a particular song, the following permissions apply for all musical works on this website in which I hold copyright or or have authority to grant permissions:

Permissions Granted for Non-Profit Purposes

When your purpose is non-profit, you may freely and non-exclusively:

Please include all original credits and notices on all copies.

Please note that translating into another language requires special permission, even when you do not intend to do so for profit. Please contact me if you are interested in translating any of the songs.

Most of these songs are cataloged with CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International). Churches with a CCLI license may opt to use those permissions and report the use of these songs on their song surveys. The modest royalties from CCLI help cover the cost of preparing and sharing the songs, so CCLI reporting is very much appreciated. If your church does not yet have CCLI, however, don't worry... the direct non-profit permissions already mentioned still allow you to copy and use the songs in worship.

Obtaining For-Profit Permissions

For-Profit use is welcomed and encouraged.

Please note that For-Profit use includes (but is not limited to) using a musical work on a commercial webpage, or a webpage that includes banners or ads (such as Google Ads) which pay the website for their inclusion or click-thru's. If you're not sure, just ask. For-Profit website use may be obtained via an ASCAP license (see ASCAP below), or by direct permission.

Performance on radio or TV, where profit is derived from advertising, is covered by posession of an ASCAP license by the station or broadcasting company. ASCAP licensing also covers such things as live performance (excluding worship services, which are specially exempt by US copyright law from performance licensing requirements).

For-Profit recording of the songs is also encouraged; I am favorable toward offering mechanical licenses at less than the statutory rate (and in certain conditions possibly waiving the royalties entirely). If you are interested in covering a song on your next recording project, let's talk!

I am a member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) as both a songwriter (Lawrence Keith Holder, a.k.a. Larry Holder) and as a publisher (Larry Holder Music).

Additional Information

Please note that adding additional lyrics, or significantly changing the original lyrics or melody, is not permitted under any circumstances. This helps to protect the integrity of my songs, and is one the exclusive rights protected by copyright.

Many of these songs are currently jointly administered with other copyright owners, so the permissions I have granted here may overlap, and perhaps extend, permissions you find granted elsewhere. Please contact me if you have any questions about these permissions, or to seek additional permissions (such as translating a song).

Links back to this website are appreciated, especially if you include a song on another webpage. This helps visitors to your page find out where to find all of the other songs, and I appreciate the incoming visits. In cases where the song page is actually hosted at another website (such as for songs written with Elton -- just look at the webpage URL when you go to a song page), you may prefer to link to the other website, or perhaps both. For links back to here, you may copy and use this banner:

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