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"Faith Alone"

Music by Lena Kittrell
Words by Larry Holder and Lena Kittrell

Copyright (C) 2005 and MIDI sequence
(P) 2005 Lena Kittrell and Larry Holder

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Larry's Songs of Praise and Worship

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Here is another song that originated with Lena's music and theme. I wrote the words to reflect upon what it means to live by "faith alone". May it be a blessing, challenge, and encouragement to you on your daily walk with the Lord!

Faith Alone
Music by Lena Kittrell
Words by Larry Holder
Copyright  2005 Lena Kittrell and Larry Holder

[verse 1]
Faith alone is pleasing to Your heart, O Lord,
Trusting in all the ways you lead us,
Staying true to Your Word.

Daily, may we yield our will to live in love,
Guided along our earthly journey
By Your Spirit above.

[refrain 1]
We live to please You, holy Father,
As your children of light,
May our faith be now an off'ring
That is pleasing unto Your sight.

[verse 2]
Faith alone is what You really ask of me,
Living by what Your Word is saying,
And not by what I see.

May we daily turn our ears to hear Your voice,
Living to bring You praise and glory,
And to always rejoice.

[refrain 2]
As we receive Your holy blessings,
Let us honor Your name.
You are Alpha and Omega,
From Beginning to End, the same!

[short instrumental]

[repeat verse 1]