Dad's baptism in Colorado, during a family reunion
Larry Holder on left, Lon Holder (officiating) on right

"For Dad"

Words and Music by Lawrence Keith Holder

Copyright (P) 2003 Lawrence Keith Holder
(Larry Holder Music, ASCAP)

For permissions, please refer to
Larry's Songs of Praise and Worship

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I first composed the music for this song as an instrumental (in the key of G).
Later, for Father's Day 2003, I added the words
(and transposed to the key of C to lower it to my singing range).

Please note that the MIDI and MP3 recordings include an optional introduction
not mentioned in the score, which is simply an extra repeat of the first 9 measures.

Words and Music by Lawrence Keith Holder

I have grown to know you more
As the years have seen us through
And things I took for granted
Are clearer now, and true.

We know our fam'ly bond is love
Stronger than the world's travail
Though tested by the tempest
[It's] A bond that will not fail.

And the journey leads us on
'Til the day we stand complete
Then as brother unto brother
As our Lord at last we meet.

May these greetings find you well
May the blessings never end
I am rich beyond compare
For in you I have a father ... and a friend.