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"This Is The Prayer That We Pray"

Words and Music by Lawrence Keith Holder
Copyright © 1999, 2002 Lawrence Keith Holder
MIDI Sequence (P) 1999 Lawrence Keith Holder

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This song is a new version of "This Is The Prayer That I Pray", rewritten in such as way that the family member or friend could be addressing the song primarily to either the groom or the bride, whereas the original version was specifically written for a sister to sing to her brother, the groom. The title was also changed for the new version to "We" so that the song may be sung on behalf of the entire family, although, if preferred, you could sing "I" instead, as in the original version. The MIDI file is the same for both.

This Is The Prayer That We Pray
Words and Music by Lawrence Keith Holder
Copyright © 1999, 2002 Lawrence Keith Holder

(First verse)
Has the time really gone by so quickly? 
There are so many seasons we've shared.
As a family we've grown up together, 
In a circle of loving and care. 
Now today, you step out toward the future 
With the gift of the Lord, hand in hand, 
And the blessing of all who have gathered 
To rejoice as togethe you stand. 

May you together
Grow stronger each day in your love,
Sharing forever
The grace of our Father above. 
May He shower His blessings upon you, 
As you live for His glory each day. 
May he comfort and guide you, together: 
This is the prayer that we pray. 

(2nd verse)
I am glad we can share in this moment, 
As we've shared in so many before. 
Now you've found love that lasts for a lifetime, 
As together you walk through the door. 
And we pray, as the years carry onward
For joy in whatever life brings,
In the grace of the Lord soaring onward
As the love that you share gives you wings! 

(Repeat chorus)

May He comfort and guide you 
And bless you, together...
This is the prayer that we pray.