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The songwriting brotherhood of Larry Holder, Elton Smith
(Songs of Praise), and Steve Israel (Israel Songs) began back in 1997.

Larry Holder. Larry resides in Martin, Tennessee, working as a database administrator by day. Saved in 1972, and writing Christian songs ever since. Larry first began sharing songs on the web in 1995, and began collaborating with Elton Smith in September 1997.
Elton Smith. Elton Smith. Elton lives in Plano, Texas, and is a computer programmer by day. I began writing lyrics for many of Elton's new melodies, beginning in September 1997. Elton has also collaborated with many other wonderful songwriters, including Gilberto Baretto, whose songs originally prompted Elton to start a musical web page.
Steve Israel. A Jewish believer, residing in Gaithersburg, MD. Computer programmer by day. One of the musicians instrumental in the Jesus Movement. Songs have been recorded by Liberated Wailing Wall. "Lord of All" published by Integrity. On an ongoing basis, Steve (and Elton) are not only collaborating songwriters, but also provide mutual prayer support and virtual fellowship as the 3 of us share the ups and downs of life and ministry.
Dave Laborde. Dave Laborde. Resides in Paris, Illinois. Pastor of Community Bible Church. Dave and I were college roommates at The University of Tennessee at Martin between 1977 and 1981, where we wrote and sang together over the years.
Rick Founds. Rick is probably best known for his all-time favorite chorus, "Lord I Lift Your Name On High". It was a real blessing to co-write "My One Desire" with Rick, along with Steve Israel and Elton Smith. Rick's home on the web is at By day, Rick is an audio/visual technician at Saddleback College.
Tom Lascoe. Tom Lascoe (shown in photo with wife Sherry & children (David, Lindsey & Jenny) resides in Richmond, Texas. Tom is currently Music Minister/Worship Leader at Friendship Assembly of God in Richmond, Texas. Tom leads worship with his electric acoustical guitar and his interests are guitar, surfing, computers, songwriting, and (especially) praise and worship music. Tom's website is Tom Lascoe's Praise and Worship Song Center. A new song, "I Wait Upon The Lord", was also written with Sharon Morrison.
Paul Gentry. Paul lives in the beautiful northwest and has been writing songs for three decades, but only recently branched into Praise and Worship, co-writing "King of Israel" and "You are the Holy One" and others to follow with Larry. He has been a member of Azimuth, a pop band from San Jose, since 1985. His band has received radio air play in almost every U.S. state and many countries abroard. Paul retired from the Navy in 2003. Azimuth's website is at
Chuck Brown. Resides in Columbus, Ohio. We've collaborated on two songs so far, thanks to Chuck's invitation for me to help finish the lyrics for "Your Good Pleasure", as well as to provide lyrics for "You Are". Chuck is a very talented pianist and singer, and is a professional voice-over artist. Check out his website at
Elizabeth Tolson. Elizabeth and John Tolson lived in Scotland. Elizabeth once described herself and John as "The grandparents in Scotland who never intended to write songs or stories." Elizabeth co-wrote "Your Amazing Love" with Elton and I. John went to be with the Lord on December 8, 2002. Elizabeth joined him in 2004. For many years, they hosted a website called P.S.A.L.M., which stands for "Please Sing A Lively Melody". I am sure they are singing with joy right now in heaven!
David Surpless. David serves as a missionary in Puerto Rico. He has written and recorded many of his own songs, in addition to translating many of ours into Spanish, such as "Mi Corazon" (All Of My Heart), "La Balada de La Cruz" (The Ballad of The Cross), "Conocerte Mas" (Just To Know You More) and "Nos Trae El Sol" (He Brings the Sunshine). These and many other translations can be found at Elton's translations page. David's main Bible teaching website is: en Voz de Gracia, and His original Christian music website is: Alabanza y Adoracion (Praise and Adoration).
Rhesa Siregar. Rhesa lives in Makassar City, Indonesia. He received Jesus Christ as his Savior when he was 10 years old. Rhésa is currently a musician, worship leader, songwriter and music director at "Generasi Baru" (New Generation). He wrote the music for "He Changed Me", which Elton and I added lyrics to, and also he and I most recently (April 2001) collaborated on "More Than Anything". He creates terrific MIDI sequences, and has also created some custom Band-In-A-Box styles. Rhesa's email is:
Russell Adams. Russell has been serving the Lord for over 30 years, and writing song lyrics to music he hears in his head for over 23 years. Russell says, "I'm not a musician so I depend on those who are to hear the heart of the message in what I write and deliver appropriate music." Russell is a Georgia native, living just east of Atlanta. Married to Jan, they have two little boys who keep us very busy. Visit his in-progress web-site at to check out some lyrics, or drop him an email at:
Herb Dickinson. Herb, who hails from South Carolina, sent me his lyrics of "You Are Jesus", and I collaborated on that song by writing a melody. I am usually the lyricist in songwriting collaborations, but I enjoyed this change of mode. Herb has sent me words for another song, so stay tuned! You can reach Herb by email at:
Lena Kittrell. Lena, who has also written with my friend Elton Smith at Songs of Praise, first sent me the music and the title for "Where Jesus Walked", and I completed the lyrics extending from that title. We've written several more songs since then.
Gilberto Barreto. Through collaborations with Elton, I've also had the blessing of co-writing with Gilberto Barreto whose website is
Mark Wilkinson. Mark Wilkinson is a computer programmer and composer in London, England. I've had the privilege of writing lyrics for two of his very upbeat tunes.
Christa Ann Kaighn. Christa sent a poem to Elton, which we helped develop into the song "As I Gaze at the Stars".
Peter Gringhuis. Peter is a talented singer and songwriter from the Netherlands.
Mary Saxton Griffin. Back in 1997, I was searching the web for high-quality nature photos to include in a multimedia musical presentation at church. I contacted two photographers who graciously granted permission to use some photos for that presentation. Later, I obtained permission from one of them, Mary Saxton Griffin, a Christian and gifted photographer, to include several of her photographs on my song pages, which prior to that time were all text and no graphics (I know, there are still some needing photos added). I thought it would be helpful to have a page spotlighting the photographs I've used on this website so far. Be sure to visit the websites they came from: for a more complete look at the many fine photographs of Mary Saxton Griffin, who can be reached by email at


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