The Ballad of Weakley County

Words and Music by Larry Holder and Jim Byford

As heard on WCMT 1410 AM in Martin, TN.
First introduced on the Good Time in the Morning radio program with Steve James and Paul Tinkle on September 15, 2023.

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Verse 1:
         D                               G  D
From the land of the mighty Chickasaw in 1823
       D                             Em             A
In the western grand division of the state of Tennessee
      G             D                 G               D
Up in the northwest corner, where the fertile valleys lie
       G                      D                   A                   D
Let me tell you 'bout Weakley County, where folks smile and still say hi.

Verse 2:
Martin celebrates the Soybean, while Sharon honors Corn
Dresden, which likes the Iris, is where a governor was born
Gleason's known as Tater Town, and Greenfield had the Tree, 
Farm fields across the county 'bout as far as you can see.

G                 D            A               D
Thank you Weakley County, I'll gladly call you home
   G                 D            E              A
No matter where I've traveled, no matter where I roam
     G                  D                   F#m               G
With fertile ground and friendly towns, you mean the world to me
  G                 D              A         D
I thank the Lord to hang my hat in Northwest Tennessee!
Verse 3:
Corn, soybeans, and livestock; industry to education
At the edge of the country's heartland, we help feed a hungry nation
Modern enough for progress, with UT a precious jewel
Slow enough to raise a family, and ponder our blessings, too.

Verse 4:
From the days of the Jackson Purchase, to the modern century
With rails and roads to ship our crops to other folks in need
Our people rise to meet demand, whatever change may bring
Standing strong and proud to make our home, where the simple life's still king.


Verse 5:
God bless you Weakley County, your bounty fills our land
May we ne'er forget it's from the Lord, and help us understand
We are only stewards at this point in time, from the past to what's in store
We have lived and learned 200 years, may we see 200 more!

(Chorus 2x)

I thank the Lord to live in Weakley County, Tennessee!

Song & (P) 2023 Larry Holder and Jim Byford
Larry Holder Music (ASCAP)

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