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"We Come Today"

Words and Music by Dave Laborde and Larry Holder.
Copyright (C) 1996 Lawrence Keith Holder
MIDI sequence (P) 1996 Lawrence Keith Holder

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Another choral arrangment by Richard Izatt

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Dave Laborde is the pastor of Community Bible Church in Paris, Illinois. He wrote the first verse, and I added the rest and arranged it for choir. Dave and I were college roommates many moons ago, writing and performing Christian music back then also, including The Cross and The Crown.

Words and Music by Dave Laborde and Larry Holder
Copyright (C) 1996 Lawrence Keith Holder

We come today to pledge anew
Your love for us, our love for You.
Receive our prayers, accept our praise,
Both now and throughout eternal days!

We come today with hearts aflame,
To glorify Your matchless Name:
The King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
The Bread of Life and The Living Word.

If we did not sing our praise to You,
Then the stones would shout,
And the stars would, too.
For Your matchless praise
Cannot be contained
In our heart ...  In our soul ...

So (repeat verse 1, then last line of verse 1)