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"You Are"

Music by Chuck Brown
Words by Chuck Brown and Larry Holder
Copyright © 2003 Chuck Brown and Larry Holder
MP3 Recording (P) 2000 Chuck Brown
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Larry's Songs of Praise and Worship.

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This is my second collaboration with Chuck Brown. He is a talented pianist, with several albums to his credit. I appreciate Chuck inviting me to join with him in writing this song. He wrote the music, and I added the lyrics, with the initial version published in 2000. I later added an optional 3rd verse in 2003.

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"You Are"
By Chuck Brown and Larry Holder
Copyright © 2003 Chuck Brown and Larry Holder

1. You, O Lord, are the Word of Life,
   Perfect are Your ways.
   We draw near You to magnify
   In sacrifice and praise.

   Our eyes longing to see You,
   Our hearts longing to know You,
   Our souls longing to be, in You, complete.

2. You, O Lord, are the Saving One
   To all who would believe.
   We draw near You, the Source of all
   The blessings we receive.

(repeat chorus)

   You're the Beginning, the Present, the End,
   Creator, Redeemer, our Comfort and Friend.
   Giver of Life through the love that You send.
   As children of grace,
   We come to this place...

(repeat chorus)

3. You, O Lord, are the great I AM,
   Forevermore the same.
   We adore You with heart and soul,
   And praise Your holy Name.

(repeat chorus)