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"Arise and Build!"

Words, Music, and Arrangement by
Lawrence Keith Holder
Copyright © 1998 and MIDI sequence (P) 1998 Lawrence Keith Holder
151 Charles Dr., Martin, TN 38237

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This song was inspired by, and dedicated to, the "Arise and Build" program of First Baptist Church of Martin, TN, which chose to use it as the theme song for the building expansion.

Arise and Build
Words & Music by Lawrence Keith Holder
Copyright © 1998 Lawrence Keith Holder

1. The Lord has laid the firm foundation,
   And He has given us the goal
   To bring the Light to every nation,
   To share the Hope with every soul.

   The One who calls is our Provider;
   We do not join this task alone,
   For He who brings each new beginning
   Will give us strength to see it done.


   So reach out to the hand that is beside you.
   Together let us hold His banner high.
   That Christ may be exalted,
   His commission be fulfilled,
   Let us hearken* to the call:
   Arise and Build!

2. For Jesus Christ is our Foundation;
   In Him alone our plans are laid,
   To count ourselves among the faithful,
   To have God's holy Word obeyed.

   Now as we join this task together,
   We trust in Him to see us on.
   The gates of hell cannot withstand us:
   We shall prevail til we're done!

(Repeat Chorus, then repeat last chorus line)

* Note: my kids say "hearken" is too old-fashioned a word.
  If you prefer, try substituting the word "answer".  :-)