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Hello To All The Class Of 76,77,78,79, Well The 40+ REUNION IS ON!!!September 22 Where Is Going To Be And Is This A One Day And Night Get Together ? Take Care And God Bless. GO WARRIORS!!! Joe Wallace Class Of '76

Joe Wallace (1976)
dial044276 at gmailcom dot
Arlington - March 21, 2018

To All The Class Of 76,77,78,79. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Take care and God bless. GO WARRIORS!!! Joe Wallace Class Of '76

Joe Wallace (1976)
Dial0442 at yahoo dot com
Arlington - December 19, 2017

Happy Holidays!! Time does fly! Fond memories still today embrace my soul as I age. For those of you who traveled with me in those hallowed halls, it was with great surprise and fun I cam upon a box of our High School Days this past week. Football, classes, elections, Christmas and the Florida Spring Break . (photographs and memorabilia). Would love to hear from those most dear to my heart as well as those who were simply my great classmates! john dalton '78

John Dalton '78 (1978)
daltfive0 at aol dot com
Thompson ct - December 14, 2017

If you've not yet joined the Facebook group "Memphis Central High Alumni of the 1970's", you're missing out!

Larry (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - September 08, 2017

So, who's interested in a 40-something reunion in the fall of 2018?

Larry (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - April 18, 2017

To All The Class Of 76,77,78,79. Have A Happy And Safe Memorial Day Weekend . Take care and God bless. GO WARRIORS!!! Joe Wallace Class Of '76

Joe Wallace (1976)
Dial0442 at yahoo dot com
Arlington - May 22, 2015

To All The Class Of 76,77,78,79. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Take care and God bless. GO WARRIORS!!! Joe Wallace Class Of '76

W.J. Wallace (Joe ) (1976)
Dial0442 at yahoo dot com
Arlington - December 30, 2013

Glad to see that everyone is doing well. I hope to attend a reunion soon.

Gloria Jean Roberts (1978)
gjrob1961 at hotmail dot com
Bartlett - November 29, 2013

Kind of a late post, but I enjoyed seeing classmates at the reunion. I was hoping I wouldn't be the social invisible wall flower like in high school but, I was. :) Hope to keep in touch with ya'll

Kenny Harris (1976)
whitewater802000 at yahoo dot com
Adamsville - October 21, 2013

Well Larry, You And Your Guys Did An Outstanding Job Again. It Great See The 1st Time People There And Great To See All The Other Classmate Of 76,77,78,79. I Had A Great Time And Love To See Everybody In 2018 For 40 yr's Reunion . Take Care And God Bless. Your Classmate Of 76. GO WARRIORS !!!!!!!!!!

Joe Wallace (1976)
Dial0442 at yahoo dot com
Arlington - September 30, 2013

Joe Wallace '76, Kenny Harris '76, Fredha Fleming '76

Ricky Downey '76, Larry Holder '77
A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended!!! And special thanks to all of our great committee members for working behind the scenes to bring it together!!! Lord willing, let's plan to get back together for a multi-year class reunion in the Fall of 2018 to celebrate 40 years of green and gold memories!

Here's me (right) without the hair, and Ricky Downey (left) '76 without the 'fro!


Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - September 30, 2013

Thank you to each and everyone who helped plan and organize "Reunion 2013"! It's great to make new memories!

Jane McCormick McHann (1978)
janemchann at gmail dot com
Lakeland - September 29, 2013

Here's a recent photo at the Grand Canyon.

Dan Fitzgerald (1976)
September 28, 2013

My brother Keith told me about a reunion in Sept. I am making plans to attend!!! I live in McNairy county so don't get to Memphis that often, even then I wouldn't recognize anybody!!!! So long ago. Hoping to see lots of folks I knew...
Here's a photo of me (left) with my son (front) whitewater rafting.

Kenny Harris (1976)
whitewater802000 at yahoo dot com
August 20, 2013

Hello, this Pat Balfour (Class of '78). It's been many many years. Can't wait to see you all.

Pat Balfour (1978)
markeylam at gmail dot com
August 05, 2013

I am so proud to be a graduate of Central High School Class of 1977. I really enjoyed the first class reunion that we had in October of 2008. I look forward to attending this next class reunion of 4 classes 1976-1979 in September 2013. GO WARRIORS.

Catherine L. Jackson (1977)
cljackson38122 at yahoo dot com
Memphis - July 13, 2013

Looking forward to another reunion.

zelma coleman clemmons (1977)
zelma dot clemmons at yahoo dot com
memphis - June 15, 2013

Glad to find a page to keep up with former classmates

Deborah Moore-Smith (1976)
ddsmith90 at hotmail dot com
Waldorf MD - June 11, 2013

Special to keep in touch this way. Since South Africa (we I currently live with my wife and five children) is a bit out of the way, it looks like I won't be able to attend the 2013 reunion. I hope it will be fun to all who are able.

Durk Meijer (1977)
durk_meijer at wycliffe dot org
Simonstad - June 11, 2013

It was really great to see faces from the past. Remembering the times we as a class spent together. Looking forward to attending the reunion this year.

Charles L. Gutelius (1977)
cgutelius at uthsc dot edu
Memphis - May 20, 2013

I can't wait to see everyone! So much has happened in my life since the last reunion.....ALL FOR THE GOOD! Looking forward and very appreciative for the committee and all their hard work! Once a Warrior, ALWAYS a warrior! GOOOOOOO CENTRAL!!!!

Jenny Bowman Harris (1978)
churchstreetsation at gmail dot com
Mandeville La. - April 16, 2013

Homecoming game this year (2013) is Friday Sept 27, Class Reunion Saturday Sept 28. Combined classes of '76 thru '79.

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - January 29, 2013

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year To All Central Warriors People. Take Care And God Bless. GO WARRIORS !!!

W.J. (Joe) Wallace (1976)
Dial0442 at yahoo dot com
Arlington - December 20, 2012

It's been a long, long time. Here's to my alumni. Stay driven.

Alonzo L. Gayden (1977)
gaydenalonzo at live dot com
Memphis - June 17, 2012

Hello to all you Warriors out there. It's been a really, really long time since I've seen or talked to any of you guys. I would love to hear from or about Anthony Yates, Jerry B, Micheal Smith, Jim S, T Anderson and most of all Coach Adams. I miss and think about you guys all the time. We had a great team. I love all you gusy. Hope to hear from someone soon. Pretty Lee 33

John Lee (1977)
lonelyman309 at gmail dot com
San Diego CA - May 31, 2012

Have never been to any of the class reunions. Would like to attend if I knew when.

Nancy Lee Barnett (1976)
memphisqn at yahoo dot com
Lake Worth FL - March 02, 2012

Just wanted to say hello to all my Central High Classmates!

Jim Millican (1976)
jim dot millican at nashville dot gov
Whitehouse - February 02, 2012

The Christmas get together sounds good. I will be there if the weather is good.

Debbie Hendrick Cornelius (1977)
debbiec092259 at aol dot com
Memphis - December 15, 2011

Let's have a pre-Christmas get together at Mezcal's Mexican Restaurant  1492 Union Ave. Memphis, TN 38104 (901) 274-4264 On Wednesday, December 21st beginning at 6:30pm. Let me know who can make it.

Rey Gonzalez (1978)
Reyg8320 at yahoo dot com
Keller TX - November 24, 2011

Looking for classmates of 1977.

mary mcneal tharpe (1977)
marymcneal59 at yahoo dot com
Tennessee - November 17, 2011

Keep me posted, I love to see my classmates of 1978. GO WARRIORS!

Martha Alexander (1978)
martha dot alexander at bchs dot edu
Memphis - September 27, 2011

Who is going to Homecoming October 7th? Need a place to meet before and after?

Chris McGoldrick (1977)
gmcgldrc at memphis dot edu
Bartlett - September 21, 2011

Hello! I'm a graduate of the Central High School class of 1977 and I have been unable to reach anyone regarding updates about events and the general goings on of our classmates. Updates on me: Married name: Mary McNeal Tharpe. Children: 2. Grandchildren: 4.

Mary McNeal Tharpe (1977)
marymcneal59 at yahoo dot com
August 29, 2011

This Sound Great Hope To See A Lot More People This Time. have A Lot More Fun. Larry, Kept Up The Good Work. Take Care And God Bless. Thx Joe Wallace Class Of 76 Go Warriors!!!!!!!!

Dial0442 at yahoo dot com
Arilington Tn - August 25, 2011

Looking forward to another reunion, count me in for sure. Hoping to see people that didn't get to make it to the last one, and of course the ones that did make it. But I'll be there, see you there!!!!

Debbie Hendrick Cornelius (1977)
Memphis - August 22, 2011

Ok, game on! Let's plan towards a 35+ reunion for Homecoming 2013 !!! A really good chance of getting Jon & Luther's band back for a re-reunion with us, too! If you're on Facebook, be sure also to join the group Memphis Central High Alumni of the 1970's, where we'll also be posting to (as well as here... the Guestbook is still open, and your photos to add to your entries are still welcome, just email them to me ( Go Warriors!!!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - August 22, 2011

Wow... Where have I been... Jimmy Hoffa and I have had some great times togather, but I had to get out of the closet! Now retired from the New Haven Police Department. Live in Connecticut with my sheep and enjoying the simple things in life... Would love to communicate with classmates from 1978!

John Dalton (1978 Class President)
daltfive0 at aol dot com
Chester CT - June 25, 2011

Just got word from Lillie Chin '77 that her brother William Chin '76 departed four days ago.

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - February 15, 2011

A nice blast from the past! Thought it was cool that the class of '76 stayed in touch with one another. I lived in Portland, OR for about 24 years went to PSU tutored french grammar for 3 years there and worked 2 years at Portland Center for Performing Arts. Recently moved to Las Vegas, NV 4 years ago. I keep my mind and body in shape through swimming and martial arts have black belt in several forms of martial arts. I have a toy store online called Extraordinary toy company ( Great CHS website!

Curtis Fong (1976)
vegasfong at gmail dot com
Las Vegas NV - February 08, 2011

It looks like all of you had a great time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Take care and God bless. GO WARRIORS!!!

dial0442 at yahoo dot com
ARLINGTON - December 15, 2010

Just wanted to wish all the warriors out there Happy Holidays !!!!

Debbie Hendrick Cornelius (1977)
Memphis - December 02, 2010

Thanks for recognizing the class of '77. Go Warriors! :)

Freda Alexander (1977)
mistressgoth6 at yahoo dot com
Memphis - October 08, 2010

Good attendance at the Homecoming Game and the Saturday evening event! The food and music at The Warehouse were great, and they provided a place for us to gather. Photos uploaded to Facebook (in the Memphis Central High Alumni of the 1970's group photos). Congratulations to Chris McGoldrick, finally joined Facebook!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - October 04, 2010

I thought the thing Saturday night was a dance too, but I heard them giving away tickets on WKQK earlier this morning like it's a concert that anyone can attend. Hope to see everyone at the game Friday night.

Post-event note: there was plenty of room to dance, too.

Debbie Hendrick Cornelius (1977)
debbiec092259 at aol dot com
Memphis - September 23, 2010

Hi to all the Warriors from the past 100 years. It is hard to believe this milestone. The Central Warrior Baseball team will have a booth at the game Friday night selling entertainment books, car wash tiickets and taking donations to help out this year's baseball budget. I hope everyone will stop by and contribute to help the baseball program. Congradulations Central 100 years "The" High School.

Jerry Tatum (1976)
cdsincjerry at aol dot com
memphis - September 23, 2010

This Friday and Saturday!!! Homecoming on Friday and the Big Events on Saturday. Hope to see y'all there. GO WARRIORS!!!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - September 20, 2010

I just bought my tickets for the 100 Anniversary Celebration. I am proud to be a graduate of the first High School in Memphis. On Saturday, September 25, Laura Rowe Greer will host a Silpada Jewelry party at her house between the event at the high school and the dance that night (3-5 PM). You don't have to buy jewelry to come and visit - just bring food or something. Please let Laura know if you are coming. Her email address is

Rachel Scott Woodall (1976)
rachelhasemail at yahoo dot com
Cordova - September 10, 2010

I saw Diane Hunt (Abel) this week and she told me that her mother passed away on Easter weekend.

Joe Wallace (1976)
joe dot wallace at fedex dot com
Memphis - August 17, 2010

(from Facebook). We lost another warrior in our 1976 class. Teresa Ann Bryant died last Tuesday August 3rd. Sad about our fallen Warriors.

Laura Greer (1976)

August 16, 2010

Change of venue for Saturday, Sept 25! Live music and food (appetizers) at The Warehouse (downtown at 36 East G.E. Patterson Avenue) with the 7th Annual Garage Band Reunion, including Interstate-55, Eddie Harrison and the Shortkuts, The Reflections, Down to 5, and more! Tickets are only 50 bucks. More info soon on the alumni website. Don't miss out, get your tickets soon!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - August 10, 2010

Calvin Hicks just informed me that Teresa A. Bryant '76 passed away just 5 days ago, August 3. Her funeral is today at Longview Heights 7th Day Adventist Church, with interment on Monday at Calvary Cemetery. For more info, just Google with these search words: Theresa A. Bryant memphis obituary

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - August 08, 2010

hello to all my classmates, still here in Memphis, OMG I hated my class pic back in 76 and still do today...hope to hear from some of you soon, drop me an email...GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!

Marvin Braslow (1976)
mrbigm1 at aol dot com
Memphis - July 26, 2010

Help! Calling all classmates! The CHS 100th folks need us to purchase our event tickets by August 1, so that they can proceed to book venues, bands, food, etc. Paul tells me they need at least 50 paid up by August 1 to do this. I've bought mine, and am looking forward to September's special events! Please get your ticket today, and pass the word along, too! See main page for link to the alumni website. They've got PayPal set up, which also handles credit cards if you prefer. Oh yeah, and GO WARRIORS!!!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - July 14, 2010

Just visited the website and bought my event ticket. Looking forward to the 100th celebration! Thanks Paul Gentry and others for the hard work getting this together. I'd encourage everyone to visit the website and sign up as early as possible. I'm sure that will help the committee with cash flow and capacity planning. Remember your payment includes a ticket to the homecoming game if purchased by August 1, and also includes a year's dues for our alumni association, which believe me has done a great job so far. GO WARRIORS!!!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - June 18, 2010

From Leslie with the Memphis Central Alumni Committee: Subject: concert today Hey guys! Just letting you know that if you have time in your busy schedule to check out Central's Spring Concert today at 630pm!!! If you can, come out and support Mr. Johnson and the band! Thanks!

Paul Gentry (1977)

- May 06, 2010

Event at Huey's lastr night was great. Good to see friends and meet other Warriors!! Keep your eyes and ears open for future events related to the Central 100th.

Paul Gentry (1977)
paul_gentry at comcast dot net
- April 26, 2010

April 25 at Huey's Midtown (1927 Madison Avenue). A Musical Tribute to CHS Alumni, with live music by:
Interstate 55, Reflections, Eddie Harrison & the Shortcuts.
Music Starts at 4 p.m. Come early and catch up with your classmates:
3-5 classes of the 60's and earlier,
5-7 classes of the 70's,
7-9 classes of the 80's,
9-12 classes of the 90's and later.

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - April 06, 2010

On Wednesday, April 7, from 11:30 am to 1 pm, you are invited to attend the
Central High School Healthy Memphis Initiative Kickoff Luncheon.
For more info, click here to view the PDF file.

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - March 29, 2010

Congrats to Jon Wells '76, just signed on as drummer with country rock group Marshal Reign. Rock the house, Thunder Paws!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - March 19, 2010

The reunion picture - number 80 is me - Tyrina Morvant Browning. Could you fill my name in?

Tyrina Browning (1978)
tcbrowning at comcast dot net
Memphis - March 18, 2010

Thanks for keeping this site going. It is a great thing to keep up with classmates and you guys should be congratulated. Bob (1978)

Bob Wilson (1978)
bob dot wilson at probuild dot com
Christiana - March 02, 2010

Great mixer on Feb 11. Several from 76 (Dan Fitzgerald, Rachel Scott, Fredha Fleming) and 77 (me, Paul Gentry, Debbie Hendrick), plus other classes... including our very own John Chulos (driver's ed, and CHS '67). Channel 3 stopped by to tape some of it for morning news. Memphis Heritage on Madison was a really nice location. Looking forward to next mixer in May, plus of course the Big Event in September. GO WARRIORS!!!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
- February 12, 2010

Please note that the next Central 100 mixer is Thursday, February 11 from 5:30-8:00 PM at Memphis Heritage (2282 Madison Ave). Music and appetizers will be provided. There will be opportunities to chat with some familiar faces as well as to meet some new faces. Hope to see many of you there as we prepare for the 100th anniversary of the greatest school in the city. Come join the fun so you can help us make the success of the hundredth something to remember. Join the Central Alumni Association while you are there.

Paul Gentry (1977)
paul_gentry at comcast dot net
Bartlett - January 31, 2010

For those of us who also attended Snowden:
Snowden Centennial celebrations will take place all through the 2010 – 2011 school year. A documentary by Willie Bearden to tell the story of the school’s 100 year history will soon be underway. Help us find the great photos, stories and personal interviews that we need.

Contact Lou Henslee, cell: 832-0935, email: lchenslee at aol dot com

Susan Ogle (1978)
susanogle at yahoo dot com
Memphis - January 24, 2010

Detailed information about Central 100th events can be found on the recently formed website for the Central Alumni Association. The address is There are several forums on the site to post info and comments including forums for each decade. Also, there is a mailing list you can sign up on to receive information that is sent out about the upcoming events. Check it out!!

Please make plans to attend our quarterly mixers that will lead to the grand finale events in September. You can join the Alumni Association at the mixers as well. Hope to see many of you in the near future.

Paul Gentry (1977)
paul_gentry at comcast dot net
Bartlett - January 18, 2010

Forwarding this info from the 100th Anniversary website... The next Quarterly Mixer will be held on February 11. Begins at 5:30 p.m. at Memphis Heritage, 2282 Madison

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - January 09, 2010

Just wanted to wish all those Centralites out there a safe and Happy Holidays.

Debbie Hendrick Cornelius (1977)
Memphis - December 23, 2009

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Looking forward to the 100th Anniversary celebration coming up in 2010 -- thanks again to Paul Gentry for representing us so well in this endeavor! God bless y'all, fellow Warriors!

Larry Holder (1977)

Martin - December 20, 2009

Hope everyone is doing well and wish all a great holiday season. Conflicting plans kept me from making the reunion but it looks as if it went well.

Jean Simpson Roberts (1978)
gjrob1961 at hotmail dot com
Bartlett - December 16, 2009

We planned to go to Choi's this Saturday. I believe at 6 PM. Your mission, should you accept it, is to let people know, then let Laura know a ball-park figure. (Choi's is Royal Panda in Germantown.) Everybody come and have a good time. THX. GO WARRIORS !!!!!!! Take care and God bless and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Joe Wallace (1976)
dial0442 at yahoo dot com
Arlington - December 14, 2009

Hey, Centralites -- Melinda Adams is coming in town for Thanksgiving, so, we're planning to get together on Sunday evening at 5:00 P.M. at the Holiday Inn Select on Central (across from the University of Memphis - Memphis State for most of us) at the bar. Hope you can make it, even if for just a short time! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jeannie Russell Craig (1976)
jlrmwindsor58 at gmail dot com
Memphis - November 25, 2009

Thanks to Rise Ramsey for noting this obituary for Mrs. Crump, our librarian, from the Commercial Appeal, November 17, 2009: Marcella Claire Crump, 93, died November 14, 2009. A memorial service will be held Friday, November 20 at 11 a.m. in the Trippeer Chapel at Idlewild Presbyterian Church where she had been a member for more than sixty years. Visitation will follow the memorial service in the T. K. Young Room. There will be a private burial at Forest Hill Cemetery Midtown at 10 a.m. Friday. She is survived by her beloved nieces and nephews... She was born in Amory, Mississippi, but her family returned to Memphis soon after that. She attended Rozelle Elementary School, Bellevue Junior High School and Central High School. After graduating from West Tennessee State Teachers College, now the University of Memphis, she began her teaching career at Bellevue Junior High School. She later taught at Central High School and was on the original staff when East High School opened. She received her Master's Degree from the University of Georgia where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. After receiving her Master's Degree in Library Science at George Peabody College, she spent a year in Los Alamos, New Mexico as librarian of the High School. She later returned to Central High School to serve as librarian until she retired... After retiring, she traveled extensively in England, Scotland, Europe, the Scandinavian Countries, Japan, China, Panama, South America and Russia. She enjoyed gardening, was and avid bridge player and reader and did extensive volunteer work... In lieu of flowers the family requests any memorials be sent to Idlewild Presbyterian Church, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Youth Villages or a charity of the donor’s choice. Canale Funeral Directors 901-452-6400.

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - November 17, 2009

Posting this from the 100 Year Anniversary facebook page:

Central High School Memphis 100 Year Celebration - First Quarterly Mixer

Thursday, October 29, 2009, 5:30 - 8:00 pm at the Hunt-Phelan Home, 533 Beale Street. Honoring our Past and Present Faculty. Meet the Planning Committee. Mingle with fellow alumni and community leaders. Snacks and Cash Bar.

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - October 26, 2009

Wow, the reunion of 2008 is still fresh in my mind; what a blast! Hope all y'all fellow Warriors are doing well. Looking forward to the events that are being planned for the 100th celebration, and hoping to see a lot of y'all there. Thanks Paul for representing us on this. The guestbook is still open for new comments, and you can still send in photos and memorabalia (if you haven't seen Jack Miller's memorabalia, be sure to check out the link on the main page!) Go Warriors!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - October 12, 2009

Almost 1 year since reunion. Anyone going to Homecoming (Oct 09-2009)I might try to make it. I just looked thru some of the photos, that sure was fun. Chris

Chris McGoldrick (1977)
gmcgldrc at memphis dot edu
Bartlett - October 02, 2009

Posted from facebook: On October 8, 2009, Central is having a Homecoming Parade that will march through Central Gardens and we would like to get a group of Alumni to participate. Participants will need to arrive by 11:45 a.m. - the parade kicks off at noon. For more information, please email Pam Newman at: amlinnew at yahoo dot com

Leslie Wroughton (Turner) (1982)
Memphis - September 10, 2009

Photo Credit: John Sale,
Commercial Appeal
Check out the recent Commercial Appeal article from August 25, 2009:
Raising the bar: Central High's AP Psychology students are Memphis' best.

Mike Williams (1977)
Memphis - August 28, 2009

The latest word on the CHS 100 year celebration is that it will take place sometime in the fall of 2010 (not 2011 as originally thought). It will not necessarily coincide with homecoming. More info will be posted as it becomes available. If you are on Facebook, search on the group "Central High School Memphis 100 year anniversary". There is also a Facebook group "Memphis Central High Alumni of the 1970's". If you're not on Facebook yet, join up! Dozens of us from 76, 77, 78 are now on it, and it's a great way to stay in touch (in addition to posting to the guestbook here -- this website will remain open and active!)

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - August 25, 2009

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who supported the Central Baseball team with donations this year. The team had a good year with a 17 and 5 record. We lost to Houston High School in the regionals. Attached is a picture of my son Jerry pitching at Auto Zone Park against Indian Springs High School in Alabama. Again thanks to everyone.

Jerry Tatum (1976)
cdsincjerry at aol dot com
Memphis - May 20, 2009

Another teacher from Central during our time there has passed away...
Charles O. Barrett Sr. 82 of Memphis, affectionately known by some as "Big Daddy" and a profile of courage by friends and family. Charles was a retired Master Sergant and retired ROTC instructor for the Memphis Board of Education passed away Peacefully on April 30, 2009 at Memphis Veterans Medical Center. Mr. Barrett began his teaching Career in 1968 at Carver High, Central, White Staion and retired from Overton High school in 1991. He was a Korean War Veteran and served his country in the Army for 21 years. He was an active member of Greater Middle Baptist Church for over 39 years under the leadership of Dr. Benjamin L. Hook where he was a Sunday School Teacher President of City,State and Local Usher Board, a Trustee and Deacon. He leaves to mourn his passing and celebrate his homegoing; six sons; Jerome Barrett, Charles Barrett, Edward Barrett, Michael Barrett, Currie Barrett, Tarus Bounds; three daughters; Phyllis Barrett-Johnson, Gwendolyn Barrett-Lewis, and Candace Barrett; one sister, Bernice Barrett-Booth. He also leaves 27 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, and host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and other relatives and friends. Arrangements entrusted to R.S. Lewis and Sons Funeral Home 374 Vance Avenue, Memphis. The family will recieve friends from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, at R.S. Lewis Funeral Home. Funeral Services will be held at Greater Middle Baptist Church 4982 Road, at 12 Noon, Friday May 8, 2009 with Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks officiating. Interment will be in West Tennessee Veterans Cemetery. (From the Commercial Appeal, May 6, 2009).

Peggie Murphree Holley (1976)
pmh929 at bellsouth dot net
Bartlett - May 7, 2009

Snowden is having an event this coming Saturday (May 9)... see the PDF poster by clicking here. Sponsors include the Hein Park Neighborhood Association, Evergreen Presbyterian Church, and Rhodes College (a.k.a. Southwestern at Memphis).

Rise Ramsey Maxwell (1977)
Memphis - May 6, 2009

Here's Jack Miller with Mr. Chulos from the reunion, with Jack's original evaluation. Note the score -- I sure hope he's gotten better at driving in a straight line!

April 15, 2009

Dear Alumni of Central High School My name is Coach Gaston and I am the new football coach at Central High School. In my new role I want to bring that Warrior pride back to our football program. By doing this I am asking Central Alumni to become active participants and to be more involved in our program. Click here to see the donation letter to help our team acquire the necessary resources to start the journey of bringing the pride back to the Warrior name. I am asking if you would pledge a donation to our program as well as forward the attached letter to your fellow Warrior classmates. Thank you for your support and help in rebuilding the Central High School Warrior football program.

Coach Rod Gaston
rwgaston74 at yahoo dot com
Memphis - March 28, 2009

Dan, Laura, Ron Lessard
My house caught fire back on the 18th. It burned up my bedroom and bathroom pretty good. I lost most of my clothes and all my tv's and dvd's. Since no one would give me insurance because the house was too old I guess I'm kinda screwed at the moment. I do have an apartment now at the Gilmore. I'll be there while I figure out what to do with the house. At Least I still got a job for a little while longer.

Ron Lessard (1976)
rlessard at the-med dot org
Memphis - March 11, 2009

For anyone on Facebook now, there's a group "Memphis Central High Alumni of the 1970's". It will be a good place to share stuff (upload photos, send messages, etc) in addition to info shared here. I'll try to copy any important stuff over to here for those not on Facebook yet. Go Warriors!!!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - March 08, 2009

I just now saw the post about Mrs. Long. I went to school with her son Carl for years. She was a great teacher! I loved her English and Writing classes at Central. It's where I was inspried to major in journalism at Memphis State. If Carl sees this post I am so sorry about the loss of your mother! God Bless, Laura

Laura "Morris" Truitt (1978)
laura29 at bellsouth dot net
Germantown - February 18, 2009

I voted! And watched. Alexis was great. The judges really seemed to like her.

Brucie Wells (1977)
eneal at kcnet dot com
Kansas City, MO - February 17, 2009

UPDATE: The Commercial Appeal today has a front-page feature of Andrea (Gentry) Perry's daughter (and Paul Gentry's niece), who is still in the running for American Idol. The article can be found online here: (click here). (Or today, just go to and the story starts on the front page). The article includes this: "And now Grace joins the 36 contestants entering the call-in voting portion of the popular talent search on Fox. On Tuesday night (Feb 17), she'll be among the first dozen performers to face the public." So, if you're watching and are able to call in a vote, here's your chance to support her quest and spread the word. If anyone else has bragging rights, send them in, or post them here in the Guestbook. Thanks, Andrea, for letting us know about Alexis. Go Warriors!

Larry Holder (1977)
February 14, 2009

Alexis Grace (Middleton)
My daughter, Alexis Middleton auditioned for American Idol last Summer and did very well. She made it to the next round in Hollywood and has gotten a lot of positive feedback via internet, local news and national news. If there is a distribution list, I would like to send out a little something to everyone (who’s interested) to watch for her when Hollywood Week comes on. If there’s a newsletter that goes out, I think it would make a great personal interest section. We could add other things about all of our (and our children’s) accomplishments.

Andrea (Gentry) Perry (1977)
aperry at ahslink dot com
Memphis - January 26, 2009

Martha Lucille (Whitehead) Long, age 75, of Memphis, formerly of West Helena, Arkansas, died at her residence on Wednesday, January 28. She was a teacher in the Memphis City Schools for 31 years, the last 17 years she taught honors English and Journalism at Central High School. She was the faculty advisor for numerous award-winning publications, including yearbooks, literary magazines and was the advisor for 15 years of the Central High "Warrior" newspaper, which consistently won top honors in state and national competitions. After retiring, she taught English at Memphis State University for 4 years.

She was a Realtor with Crye-Leike Realtors since 1990. She graduated as valedictorian from Central High School in Helena, Arkansas in 1951. She received her BA degree in Journalism, from the University of Arkansas, at Fayetteville in 1956, where she was a member of Kappa Tau Alpha, journalism honor society, as well as Delta Delta Delta Sorority. She received her MA in English and Education from Memphis State University in 1960, and her EdD in English Education from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in 1971. Having an avid interest in historical homes, she and her family lived for 25 years in the historical Vance-Norfleet home on S. Belvedere. In 1983 she and her family bought and restored the historical Abraham Lowenstein home on N. Waldran, making it into a bed and breakfast, and offering it for weddings and receptions. She leaves three sons: Eddie, Carl, and Walter, all of Memphis, and two grandchildren, Dominey Long and Will Long. Visitation will be Saturday from 10-12 at Roller Family Funeral Home. Graveside services will be 1:00 p.m. at Crittenden Memorial Park Cemetery in Marion Arkansas. The family requests that any memorials be sent to St. Jude Research Hospital for Children. Roller Family Funeral Home 901-371-9500

January 25, 1934 - January 28, 2009

Hello Warriors, I went to see Clint Eastwood's new movie in Bartlett Sunday. After paying the young girl through the window slot I thought, that was cheap? I looked at my receipt, with my glasses, and she had given me the "Senior discount". It was a big blow. The movie was good! Chris M

Chris McGoldrick (1977)
gmcgldrc at memphis dot edu
Bartlett - January 20, 2009

This is a sad note. Just wanted to let you all know of another fallen Warriors. Alberta Cathey (76). This was in the Memphis Commerical Appeal on January 16. She died January 14. M.J. Edwards Airways, 901-327-9360. The Funeral is today January 19 at 11:00. Sorry I did not let you know earlier but I was out of town until Sunday the 18th.

Peggie Murphree Holley (1976)
PMH929 at Bellsouth dot Net
Bartlett - January 19, 2009

Here are photos of Lillie Chin's and William Chin's families from Christmas break.

Jeannie Russell (1976)
Memphis - January 10, 2009

Leigh and I ran into David Mah at The Cove on Broad just after the New Year began! He is teaching art at Idlewild Elementary School. Great to see him.

Jeannie Russell (1976)
Memphis - January 10, 2009

Hey, it was 6 years ago today that the Guestbook got started! Happy new year to all Warriors!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - January 09, 2009

Thanks to the website, I discovered LaMargera Rivers was also in the Boston area, contacted her, and as you can see,  we had a reunion downtown! Happy new year!

Magda Jabbour McCormick (1977)
Boston - January 5, 2009

Dear fellow Centralites,
Dec 27 update: Lillie was planning to be here after Christmas;  she will be here on Dec. 29th.  The get-together that Edward is having is limited to family and close friends, which is about 50-60 people, already.  So, if anyone wants to see Lillie or William (Frank is unable to make it), you'll have to contact them.  I have their home phone numbers.  I will also see them and get contact information for all of them.  Thank all of you who expressed an interest in seeing them.  Maybe, after the get-together they will be able to meet up with others.  I'll let you know as I find out myself.

I heard from Lillie Chin, recently, and the entire family is planning to be here in Memphis at Edward Chin's house, after Christmas. I have Edward's phone number and plan to contact him after Christmas to see exactly when everyone is coming. It would be great if we could all get together and give them a "welcome home". Some of you probably heard from Lillie, also. If anyone is interested in contacting them after they get to Memphis, let me know. Otherwise, the directory has their phone numbers, where they are now. Hope we can get together. I can't wait to see them all. Lillie has twin 13 year-old girls and an 11 year old son...
Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope everyone has a wonderful new year!!

Jeannie Russell (1976)
jlrmwindsor58 at gmail dot com
Memphis - December 22, 2008

Thanks to all who came to the 50-year birthday get-together at the Holiday Inn at the University of Memphis on December 13. Thanks to Paul Gentry for bringing the cake! We had about 18 including guests. Warriors included: from 1977: Chris McGoldrick, Paul Gentry, Larry Holder, Rise Ramsey. From 1976: Jeannie Russell, Rachel Scott, Dan Fitzgerald, Vasilios Semos, Carla Smith, and Luther Bradfute. To all, HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - December 19, 2008

Rachel, Melinda, Jeannie, and Laura
I turn 50 December 10! Thanks for the party. Thank you also for all the work that went into the reunion, website, etc. Even though I haven't responded before now (I really prefer not to have my senior picture displayed any more than necessary.) I have enjoyed the times I have been able to check and see what everyone has been up to.

Rachel Scott Woodall (1976)
rachelhasemail at yahoo dot com
Cordova - December 01, 2008

I know many of us warriors knew Paul Hyrka and his late "warrior" brother, Andy. May they both rest in peace...

Paul C. Hyrka, 49, of Knoxville, passed away suddenly Monday, November 17, 2008 while playing basketball. He was a loving husband and devoted father who was very proud of each of his four beautiful children. Born and raised in Memphis, Paul was a parishioner at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church of Memphis and a graduate of Memphis Catholic High School. He was an avid sports fan who cheered for the Vols and loved the Memphis Tigers. He also loved all things Memphis - blues, barbeque, and Beale Street. He was preceded in death by his father, Michael Hyrka and brothers, Michael and Andrew. His survivors include his wife, Claire; children, Matthew, Joseph, Ellen, and Laura; his mother Victoria; brothers, Peter, Joseph, and Nick; sisters, Vicki, Stephanie, and Teresa. Funeral Mass at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. Rites of Christian Burial in Calvary Cemetery.

Phillip Webster (1977)
pwpwebster at gmail dot com
Memphis - November 23, 2008

We're planning to informally get together on Saturday, December 13 at 6:00 p.m. at the University of Memphis Holiday Inn restaurant located at 3700 Central Avenue (this is not the Holiday Inn Poplar used for the reunion) to collectively celebrate turning 50!!! Dutch treat (restaurant has a buffet - Chris says it is about 20 dollars; it's a very good buffet). Send me an email if you can come!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - November 14, 2008

Bonzo, Coach Cate, Jerry Bierbrodt
Thanx to all that attended. What fun...finding memories...God we r 50.....sheeeeez.......I really enjoyed the opportunity 2 MC. Last, let me say, the gurls aged better than the men.
W W w A r r I I..I O R S.... W A R R I O R S.... Gooooooooo Warriors.

luv 2 my hi skool frienzz

Phillip Webster (1977)
pwpwebster at gmail dot com
Memphis - November 11, 2008

It has been almost 3 weeks since the reunion and Larry deserves a huge thanks for keeping that most memorable evening alive through this website. Thanks to all who sent pictures also. I had a wonderful time and have been homesick for my fellow warriors/friends in Memphis since returning to Indiana. It was great seeing everyone. Reunion Committee you did a fantastic job.

Melinda Adams Kintzele (1976)
kintz5 at comcast dot net
Michigan City IN - October 31, 2008

Laura Rowe and Melinda

Thanks to everyone who's sent in photos! So far, Paul Gentry, KC (Kathy) Skinner, Rey Gonzalez, and Jeannie Russell have sent in photos from the game, Tsunami, lunch, and evening for the photos page (Jeannie sent the one shown here). There's still room to add yours! I also need help tagging some of the photos, so check 'em out and send in any missing names or corrections. Also, photos or scans of your CHS memorabalia are also welcome. Thanks again!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - October 30, 2008

I got an email from Magda Jabbour regarding me sending a picture. My schedule has been insane and I am still a bit overwhelmed with my schedule and now, I am applying for a promotion as well. Sorry I missed the reunion. Hopefully, my life will calm down and I will be able to go to these events soon.

Much Love,
Kudisan Kai (Natalie Jackson) (1978 Class Secretary)
Berklee - October 23, 2008

I attended the celebration for the class reunion and I had a great time at the picnic at the school (the barbeque was great), the gala at Holiday Inn was wonderful. There was plenty of good food and I was glad to see all the 3 classes of old classmates. Everyone had a good time dancing, taking pictures and I cannot wait to get the Class Group Photograph that everyone took as I did order one. I also signed the Poster and I am so proud that I attended Central High School as was in the Class of 1977. It was very good seeing Coach Adams, Coach Cate, and driver's education instructor, Mr. Chulos. I hope we have another reunion in the next 5 years, not 30 years. I did spot myself on 1 phtograph at the gala sitting at the dinner table with fellow classmates, Vanessa Townsend, Norma Robinson, and danced with Leon Smith. It was a great evening and I am still looking in my directory at all the classmates to keep in touch with everyone. Great Job, Larry Holder and all the other committee members.

Catherine L. Jackson (1977)
cljackson38122 at yahoo dot com
Memphis - October 22, 2008

Here's a flashback! Found this buried in a box in storage. I believe it was from Young Life. Left to right: Jon Wells, Joe Wallace, Jack Miller, Jim Welsh.

Jon Wells (1976)
Las Vegas NV - October 20, 2008

Front: Laura Rowe, Melinda Adams
Back: Jeannie Russell, Sherry Wentworth, Jenny Patterson, Marion Goode
"WOW" seems to be the word for the weekend!  Wish I could have been there for more of the events, but Saturday night was unbelievable!  It was so good to see people that I hadn't seen in 32 years and to even meet people that I never knew @ Central.  I feel the same as Brucie does about not getting to talk to enough people and not long enough to those that I did talk to.   Thank you, Larry for such hard work and long hours and it seems to be ongoing........!  Thanks to the band --- ya'll were GREAT!!  We have to get together, again, soon.  Fall is my favorite time of the year --- anyone willing to have a hayride/barn party, somewhere????  My daughter is getting MARRIED on Oct. 25, but after that, I'm game for doing something.  Jimmy, I can't believe that Deanna and I sat at the same table months ago, and now I find out that she's your wife---it is a small world.

Jeannie Russell Craig (1976)
jlrmwindsor58 at gmail dot com
October 05, 2008

WOW! What a great weekend! I had so-o-o much fun!! I'm sure we all wish it had been longer...I think we could have danced all night! A big thank you to everyone who helped with anything... even if you just "found" a lost warrior. I am looking forward to staying in touch in the future... why don't we do something every couple of years that doesn't require as much work?

Sherry Wentworth Anders (1976)
sherryanders at yahoo dot com
Winnsboro LA - October 15, 2008

Sherry (on right) and others at lunch

Lou Bradfute, Carla Hughes, Jon Wells, Waterman Kirby
Wow! That was an amazing weekend! Thanks to everyone for pulling this all together. I was sorry to see it end. And a special thanks to the committee for letting the band have it's own reunion, I can't think of a better place to have had it. I had forgotten how many great friends I had and have lost touch with over the years but the reunion brought it all back. Again my thanks to all. If you ever come to Vegas look me up.

Jon Wells (1976) jonathanwells1 at mac dot com
Las Vegas NV - October 15, 2008

Hey, who took all the pictures at Tsunami?? It seemed like there was always a flash going off. Can you share these for us?

Dale McKay (1976)
netgurus at nycap dot rr dot com
Watervliet NY - October 15, 2008

It was great seeing everyone at the game and Bonzo you havn't changed at all and it was great catching up with you. Thanks for everyone who contributed to the Warrior baseball team and remember we still have a long way to go to reach our goal to take the kids to Cocoa Beach to play teams around the country. So please if you can help please send any donation to Warrior Bullpen, 1729 Tutwiler, Memphis, TN 38107. Again it was great seeing all the ones I did and I'm sorry on all the ones I didn't get to see. Take care Warriors.

Jerry Tatum (1976)
cdsincjerry at aol dot com
Memphis - October 14, 2008

It was a blast and somewhat surreal seeing everyone again. I feel like I didn't talk to enough people. Let's do this more often. If anyone is ever coming through the Kansas City area please be sure to give me a ring. I would love to show you around. Thanks again for everyone who pulled this together.

Brucie Wells (1977)
eneal at kcnet dot com
Kansas City MO - October 14, 2008

What a great time!!!!! It was so great to see old friends and to truly reconnect with some of you. Larry, Chris, Paul and the whole committee, THANK YOU!!! Your efforts gave me this opportunity. I PROMISE it won't be 30 years until I see some of you again.

Dale McKay (1976)
netgurus at nycap dot rr dot com
Watervliet NY - October 14, 2008

Dale with Coach Adams and Jack Miller,
cafeteria at CHS

Chris with Mr. Chulos, lunch at CHS
What a fun time! Sure hope we can stay it touch. Thanks to the gang that stayed so long in the lobby and that had breakfast. Thanks to everyone that signed my shirt. Thanks to all that helped with Larry's plaque. I know it touched him and I think without his efforts things might not have been so grand. Thanks Larry! I have one regret now in High school I didn't hang out with Bonzo enough. I think there is a chair missing from 833! Thanks again everyone. Let's do it again. What a Fun time!! Can't wait to see the Pictures! WOW!

Chris McGoldrick (1977)
gmcgldrc at memphis dot edu
Bartlett - October 13, 2008

I'm so sorry I had to miss the reunion. I love reading the comments from everyone and can't wait to see the pictures! I'm living in Chattanooga with my husband of 24 years, John, and our 3 children, Courtney 20, and twins John and Barton 18. My brother John (yes there are a lot of Johns in my life!) has sent me a couple of pictures and kept me up to date on the weekend. It's a blast going down memory lane. I look forward to catching up with my classmates. I love the convenience of email!

Debbie Gill Berg (1978)
jberg110 at comcast dot net
Chattanooga - October 13, 2008

To all of the organizers: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I had a wonderful time, laughing, sharing moments of past and present and of course music and dancing. It was a blessing and a gift to be together again and I will cherish the memory forever.

Love to all,
Jane McCormick McHann

Jane R. McCormick McHann (1978)
jmccormick at talentforce dot com
Lakeland - October 13, 2008

Hello everyone. I didn't attend any of the formal events for the reunions, but got a chance to see and catch up with some old friends/classmates. It was wonderful to see 30 years of progress from such an outstanding group as the class of 1978. I currently live in Memphis and work as an Information Architect for Hilton Hotels, Inc. In other words, I'm an internet specialist.

Teresa Draper (1978)
Memphis - October 12, 2008

I agree with Paul - WOW! Or like they used to say on the A-Team, "I love it when a plan comes together!" Words can't fully express my appreciation not only to Chris, Paul, Bonzo, and everyone else on the planning team, but also to every single one of you who helped spread the word and joined in sharing this 30-year reunion. Luther, Jon, and bandmates, you totally Rocked!!! Brucie, it was a stroke of genious for you to get them back together. Bonzo, you get an A++ for emcee'ing. What more can I say? To all, from my heart to yours, love and peace always for the next 30 years! Photos to come! We'll figure out a way to collect photos from everyone, but in the meantime, feel free to email me your favorites to post. God bless all. Go Warriors!!!

Larry Holder (1977)
lholder at utm dot edu
Martin - October 12, 2008

Jody and Tim Webster, Larry Holder, Teresa and Paul Gentry,
Phillip Waldrup, Andrea Gentry Perry

I've got one word for our reunion. WOW!!!! Loved the time at the football game and Tsunami afterwards. The lunch and tour were great blasts from the past. The highlight was the dinner Saturday and seeing everybody and hearing the band as they had a 30 year reunion of their own. Thanks to everybody for participating and making this a wonderful memory.

Paul Gentry (1977)
paul_gentry at comcast dot net
Bartlett - October 12, 2008

Just wanted to post a comment about the reunion. I had a wonderful time. There were so many people that showed up that I was amazed. It's weird how people can just come up to you and say hello and know who you are and you don't know who they are unless you read their name tags. But once you do that you feel like you remeber everything, NOT!! I must bed getting old. But I do want to thank all the committee that did put this together. The group picture that was taken won't be ready for 3 weeks, so maybe someone can scan it and put it on this website. Thanks again.

Debbie Hendrick Cornelius (1977)
deborah_cornelius at genpt dot com
Memphis - October 12, 2008

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