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"More Than Anything"

Music by Rhésa Siregar
Words by Rhséa Siregar and Larry Holder
Copyright © 2001 and MIDI sequence (P) 2001 Rhésa Siregar and Larry Holder
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Larry's Songs of Praise and Worship.

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This is my first solo collaboration with Rhésa, and also my first new song published in 2001 (releasing my album soaked up a lot of time at the end of 2000 and the first few months of 2001, although I have songs pending with Elton, Steve, Chuck, and others). Previously, I co-wrote "Praise Adonai" together with him, Elton, and Steve. He writes wonderful melodies and MIDI sequences! The Internet is a great collaboration resource -- I live in Tennessee, and Rhésa lives in Indonesia. Be sure to visit Rhésa's website at

Feedback is appreciated. Just send a short e-mail note to
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"More Than Anything"
By Rhésa Siregar and Larry Holder
Copyright © 2001 Rhésa Siregar and Larry Holder

1. Standing now in the presence of Your glory,
   I can see all the splendor of Your face.
   I'm in awe of the wonder of Your love, Lord;
   As my heart cries out within me now,
   Falling on my knees I humbly bow...

C. Oh, Lord, to know the fullness of Your grace --
   I want to know You more, my Lord.
   To live within Your warm embrace --
   More than anything, to love You, Lord!

2. I'm alive by the riches of Your mercy,
   I'm reborn into liberty and love.
   I'm a child of the One who made the heavens;
   My Redeemer, Savior, Lord and King,
   Lifting up my voice I gladly sing...

(Repeat chorus)

(...Key change...)

(Repeat chorus 2 more times)