Remembering Randy

October 4, 1974 - June 27, 2003

Randy Lackey designed and built sound systems for Lowrance Music, and was also building a reputation as a very talented sound engineer, particularly in live concert settings.

Randy and I met at church through several musical productions we were both involved in. His keen ear for what sounds right, and his technical expertise, were immensely helpful when he agreed to engineer my first album. Our recording technique was mostly live performance (complete takes, performed in our church auditorium as a sound stage) captured on a minidisc recorder. We finished up recording in two sessions, one on December 2, and the other on December 23, 2000 at Andy Willhite's Maple Street Studio in Dresden, Tennessee. During the final session, we added vocal overdubs on several songs, and also a 2nd guitar overdub on "He Brings The Sunshine" (Randy particularly enjoyed the syncopated guitar rhythm part after the line in the bridge, "It never shall put out the light..."). Then Randy used the studio equipment to get final leveling, add some reverb, and produce the final master tracks by bouncing from one minidisc recorder to another (borrowed from fellow musician and songwriter Daniel Doss, who was also wrapping up an album at the studio).

The photo above was taken during the performance of 27 B Stroke 6 at the 2002 Martin Soybean Festival, with Randy doing what he loved to do the best -- running the sound board. (Thanks to Micah Barnes and Andrew Guinn).

In the spring of 2002, the Westview High School Band prepared a tribute video for director Mike Tucker, celebrating his 10th year as director. Randy was a Senior (class of 1993) clarinet player in the band when Mr. Tucker began directing. Click here for Randy's comments recorded for the tribute video (mp3 file, about 1.5 MB).

You will find Randy's headstone at Cates Cemetery, but his soul is alive in the house of the Lord, and the legacy of his life continues on in the memories and contributions he left behind.

27 B Stroke 6 (2008) courtesy of Julie Hill

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