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"Til Jesus Is All"

Words and Music by Larry Holder.

Copyright © 2000 Lawrence Keith Holder
MIDI Sequence Copyright (P) 2000, 2001 Lawrence Keith Holder

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This is the title song on my debut album, "Til Jesus Is All". You can hear the album track using the MP3 link above. The MIDI on this page is the same ones I used for the album, with the addition of the melody (played as a flute) in place of a real voice. Although the score has the refrain sung twice at the end, on the album I repeat it an extra time (as heard on the MIDI). Also, I add 4 measures of "D" to the intro. The original MIDI tracks were played on a Roland, captured as MIDI, then later the MIDI was played back thru the keyboard and captured as audio on the recording equipment. At the end, the strings are held out a little extra, so I have flexibility when fading it out during final audio editing.

Til Jesus Is All
Words & Music by Larry Holder
Copyright © 2000 Lawrence Keith Holder

(verse 1)
Thy Word I have hidden, dear Lord, in my heart,
Seeking daily to follow Your Way,
But more times than I count, I go off on my own,
And I find my heart going astray.
Oh, I know that it grieves You, as Father to son:
You want more than I seek to achieve.
O God, open my heart, help my will to let go,
Help my staggering faith to believe!

Burn away all the dross I've collected in vain,
Take the silver and gold, and refine it again.
Turn my heart to Your own, clear each sin that You see,
Til Jesus is all that is left of me,
Til Jesus is all that is left...

(verse 2)
Thy Word is a Lamp and a Light for my path,
If only I'll follow it through.
It's not that You haven't provided the way,
For You've shown us the Way that is true.
And sometimes I am torn 'tween what's good and what's best
Just as much as what's good and what's bad.
Turn Your light on my soul, search and try me today,
Give me reason to sing and be glad!

(Repeat chorus 2 or 3 more times)