Everything I Know In Life I Learned From Chris and Paul!

Chris Brinkley

Paul Tinkle

You can hear the Good Times In the Morning radio show weekdays from 7 to 9 a.m. on WCMT, 1410 on the AM dial.

You can call in requests to 588-1410 during the program. Hey, call sometime and tell 'em you want to hear this song! :-)

"Everything I Know In Life I Learned From Chris and Paul" first aired on Sept 18, 2007.

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As heard on WCMT radio 1410 AM, Martin, Tennessee

Words and Music by Larry Holder

Well, I don't need to Google
To learn the things I know
I just tune in to 1410
And catch the morning show.
Yes, Good Times In the Morning
Is sure to have it all
'Cause everything I know in life
I learned from Chris and Paul!

Yes, I have an education
Got my UTM degree
Thought I'd heard all I could hope to hear
And seen all I could see.
But just about the point in time
I thought I knew it all
I tuned again to 1410
And heard from Chris and Paul!

For calling in the weather
It is Charles we can thank
There's News and Information
That is sponsored by the bank.
But nothing grabs attention
Or keeps this town enthralled
Like the wisdom of the airwaves
That flows from Chris and Paul!

The folks of Weakley County
Don't dare to touch that dial
Paul Tinkle and Chris Brinkley
Are sure to bring a smile.
No topic is too big to try
No topic is too small
Just give the pair a microphone;
They're sure to try them all!

I have my bumper sticker
In case they see my truck
Or I could be the 15th caller
With a little bit of luck.
But even if I never gain a prize
I'm a winner either way
As I sit right back and soak in
All the DJ's have to say!

Well, it's time to get to work now
So I must bid "adieu"
But I leave this thought to ponder
'Cause I'm sure you know it's true:
I once was sure of nothing
Now I'm standing ten feet tall
'Cause everything I know in life
I learned from Chris and Paul!

Song & (P) 2007 Larry Holder

Coffee photo courtesy of Ken Blankenship

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