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"God Cares For You"

A Musical For Young Voices
Based on the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 and 6)
By Larry Holder

Copyright © (P) 1996 Lawrence Keith Holder
151 Charles Dr., Martin, TN 38237.
Non-profit copying and use is encouraged.
For details, see Larry's Songs of Praise and Worship.

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Click here for This zipped file contains the complete dramatization text, MIDI files, and scores in PDF format.

I can provide a CD of the accompaniment tracks, for use in practice and performance. Just click here for details on my CD ordering page. The CD includes the accompaniment tracks of the 7 songs both with and without the melody track (for a total of 14 racks).

MP3 files of these accompaniment tracks (with the melody played as an instrument) may be heard and freely downloaded at:

Please let me know if you need any assistance in downloading or using this material. I'd also like to hear your feedback on this musical and/or this method of musical outreach. My email address is:

Unzipped Samples:

Dramatization text
Song 1, "When Jesus Walked the Earth": [MIDI]
Song 2, "The Blessings From God": [MIDI]
Song 3, "We Are the Salt and Light": [MIDI], [Page 1], [Page 2]
Song 4, "Let Your Yes Be Yes": [MIDI]
Song 5, "Our Father": [MIDI]
Song 6, "Treasures in Heaven": [MIDI]
Song 7, "God Cares For You": [MIDI], [Page 1], [Page 2]

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