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Friday Post-Game Gathering at
Sheraton Downtown

Lunch and tour inside CHS
11 am - 2 pm

Dinner and Music
Sheraton Downtown
Heritage Ballroom
7 pm - midnight

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Green = Also attended 30th
Blue = first-timers!


Anthony Yates
Ben Jabbour
Dan Fitzgerald +1
Dottie Jones +1
Fredha Fleming
Joe Wallace
Kenny Harris
Laura Rowe
Pamela Sutton
Patrice Pipkin
Peggie Murphree
Rachel Scott
Rickey Downey +1
Sally Stover
Scoop Carlile
Sherry Wentworth +1
Toni Bridgeforth
Vasilios Semos


Annette Best +1
Carol Winn
Edith Spivey
Greg Bologna
Jane McCormick
Jennifer Bowman +1
Keith Shelton
Kent Roberson
LaWanda Smith
Pat Balfour
Tanya Mann


Amy Bradham
Anthony (Tony) Smith
Barbara Jeffries
Carla Hughes
Catherine Jackson
Charles Gutelius
Chris McGoldrick +1
Debbie Hendrick
Jenny Patterson
Katherine Allen
Larry Holder
Lyle Ogle
Leon Smith
Malinda Bickers
Paul Gentry +1
Paul Tucker
Phillip (Bonzo) Webster
Ronnie Stewart
Sally Jones
Samuel Gray
Sharon Shelton
Shelly Ward

1979 +

Brenda Hardy
Laura Bradham
Lyon Kerby +1
Margaret McCain +1
Martin Isabel
Susan Redders Ogle

Alma Mater II (2010)

W/M Larry Holder '77
Arr. Robert Patterson '75

May the light of Central High
Brightly shine as years go by
Beacon of the hopes and dreams
That we've come to share.
Pride of Memphis, standing tall
Glorious fields and hallowed halls
Leading us to victory
In all we dare.

Thanks to all who've paved the way
Teachers we can ne'er repay
Coaches, Sergeants, one and all
Leading us to see
The future, it is in our hand
And by this truth we understand
That we can truly be the best
We strive to be.

Fellow Warriors, true and tried,
Wear the "H" with strength and pride
In the classroom, on the field
Second place to none.
A hundred years have gone before
And may there be a hundred more --
The legacy of Central High
Continues on!