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Venue: Holiday Inn Poplar East
Post-game at Tsunami on S. Cooper

Senior Photos
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Baccalaureate & Graduation
1976  1977  1978

20-Year Reunion Photos
1976  1977  1978

Warrior newspaper archives
Larry Holder's Scrapbook
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Signature Posters

Tahbet Wax
The official & authentic
70's Band of Central High!

Reunion Set List:
Feels Like the First Time (G)
Superstition (E)
Brown Sugar (C)
Day After Day (E)
Can't Get Enough of Your Love (C)
Because the Night (Bm)
Something (C)
One Way Out (A)
Walk Away (A)

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Alida Scarbrough
Benjamin Jabbour
Bruce Ingram
Carla Smith
Cathy Pure Neill
Cecil Booker
Cheryl Wentworth Anders
Dale McKay
Daniel Fitzgerald
Dan McConnell
Debbie Swanzy Joslin
Dianne Hunt Abel
Diane Phillipy
Dottie Jones
Fred Cohn
George "Jerry" Tatum
Gregory Quinn
Hercules Kapos
Jack Miller
James Robertson
Jane Buehl Coln
Jay Manley
Jeannie Russell Craig
Jerry Bierbrodt
Jim Millican
Jim Welsh
Joe Wallace
John Tolar
Jon Wells
Joshua Thomas
Kathy Drake Price 
KC "Kathy" Skinner
Kim Ashworth McCoy
LaMargera Rivers
Larry Harmon
Laura Rowe Greer
Lee Phillipy Young
Loretta Bartlett
Luther Bradfute
Marion Goode Carrithers
Marti Choate
Melinda Adams Kintzele
Pam Sutton Hughes
Patrice Pipkin Mason
Paul Nathan
Paula Hindman Aymett
Paula Suggs Yates
Peggie Murphree Holley
Rachel Scott Woodall
Randy Hutter
Ricky Russell
Robert Aymett
Ronald Lessard
Rusty White
Scoop Carlile
Shelly Kirk Huels
Suzanne Garner
Tab Choate
Toni Bridgeforth
Vasilios Semos


Andrew Quinn
Andrea Gentry Perry
Anita Mabone
Ann Mosiej McFall
Anne Beachey-Kemp
Anthony Smith
Beth Buzby Ramsay
Betty Martindale Cooley
Calvin Hicks
Carla Hughes Hunt
Carol Jones
Carol Neal Reber
Catherine Jackson
Chris McGoldrick
David A. Stoner
Debbie Hendrick Cornelius
Debbie Jones
Dorothy Buford
Elizabeth Neal (Brucie Wells)
Freda Alexander
Gary Yates
Georgia Kolopanas
Gloria Brooks
Gregory McCullum
Henry Govan
Herb Sadler
Jenny Patterson
Jerri Roberson Thompson
John Bailey
John Gill
Katherine Allen
Kevin Ware
Larry Holder
Laura Camacho Hathaway
LeeAnn Thomas Politis
Leon Smith
Leon Woodruff
Leslie Harris Montgomery
Lyle Ogle
Magda Jabbour McCormick
Marti Williamson Sheehan
Mary Wentworth Ferguson
Mike Williams
Mike Tatum
Paul Gentry
Paul Woods
Peggy Weisenhorn
Phillip Waldrup
Phillip Webster
Randy McCalman
Risė Ramsey Maxwell
Rita Hall James
Robin Boyland Webber
Ruby Jean Rubin
Rusty Turner
Sally Jones Heinz
Sammy Talarico
Samuel Gray
Suellyn Spiegelman Perry
Tasia Theoharatos Katapodis
Tim Smith
Vanessa Townsend Richmond
Zelma Coleman Clemmons


Anders Engstrom
Beth Tribble Lester
Bob Wilson
Carol Winn
Cyndi Williamson Havens
Cynthia Reed Morris
Cynthia Shellabarger Brashier
David Eleogram
David Robinson
Debbie Gill Berg
Edith Spivey McCurdy
Elizabeth Gigger
Gloria "Jean" Simpson Birkholz
Gregory E. Harris
Heidi Hayslett Carroll
Jennifer Bowman Harris
Juana Boyland
Karen Christensen Pinkerton
Karla Bartlett Puckett
Kent Butler
Laura Morris Truitt
LaWanda Smith Long
Madeleine Watson Edwards
Mary Dowling
Mary Truitte Williams
Michele L. Whitlock
Mike Anthony Lyne
Natalie Jackson (Kudisan Kai)
Nell Hindman Harris
Pat Miles Harris
Patricia Ann Clower
Patricia Lewis Curry
Paul Bowers
Rey Gonzalez
Ruth Shrader
Sara Smith
Sheila Coleman Shelton
Spring Hastings Morgan
Susan Redders Ogle
Susan Kaufman White
Teresa Miles Vaulx
Tjuana Boyland
Tracy Jane Skinner Williams
Tyrina Morvant Browning
Van Hairston

Alma Mater

Proudly point we to our record
High in deed and thought
Daily, Central,
we will praise thee
For the things you've taught.

Always will we do thee honor
As the years pass by
Memories and thoughts
will linger
Of traditions high.

Forward ever be our watchword
Conquer and prevail
Here's to thee,
our Alma Mater
Central High, all hail!

Warrior Song

Come on, you Warriors
Up on your toes
Give your best to old Central.
Break down those barriers
And up at your foes
We are with you
In glory or defeat.
So let us try
To keep our banners high
Carry on to victory.
Rah for the green and
Rah for the gold
Central High School!

Alma Mater II (2010)

W/M Larry Holder '77
Arr. Robert Patterson '75

May the light of Central High
Brightly shine as years go by
Beacon of the hopes and dreams
That we've come to share.
Pride of Memphis, standing tall
Glorious fields and hallowed halls
Leading us to victory
In all we dare.

Thanks to all who've paved the way
Teachers we can ne'er repay
Coaches, Sergeants, one and all
Leading us to see
The future, it is in our hand
And by this truth we understand
That we can truly be the best
We strive to be.

Fellow Warriors, true and tried,
Wear the "H" with strength and pride
In the classroom, on the field
Second place to none.
A hundred years have gone before
And may there be a hundred more --
The legacy of Central High
Continues on!

Melody (MIDI)

Score (melody)

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